Here’s the thing about humans: it’s scientifically impossible to not make mistakes in your life.

Everyone has lapses in judgment or things they do on a whim without thinking about the consequences.

Typically this is true of DUIs as well – most people don’t want to hurt another person, but they make the mistake of driving under the influence and find themselves in a sticky legal situation.

In times like these, you might be wondering how to beat a DUI. Luckily for you, there are some strategies you can take to beat charges and get your life back on track (without any further DUIs in the future).

That’s why we’ve created our guide on the top ways to beat a DUI charge. Let’s get into it.

How to Beat a DUI: Your Strategies

Ideally, you’re reading this before getting a DUI charge (read more here), but if you’ve already been convicted and you’re staring down a court case, these are useful as well.

Make sure to prepare prior going to your case.

1. Probable Cause

Regardless of whether or not you were intoxicated behind the wheel, an officer still needs to have probable cause (or reasonable suspicion) to stop you.

That means that if you weren’t given a reason as to why you were pulled over, the evidence that you were under the influence isn’t admissible in court. This is something to pay attention to when you are stopped, as well as something to look into after a conviction.

2. Rising Blood Alcohol

Due to the way alcohol absorbs in our blood, it can take a while before it begins to affect us. Our blood alcohol content can be affected by this, causing us to have a higher BAC than what we actually have.

This means that it’s possible to defend yourself on the basis that your body was not at peak absorption (and therefore was at a safe level for driving).

3. DUI Test Storage

Blood tests for DUI may not be the most accurate way of determining your BAC – in fact, there’s a lot of things that can compromise the result of a blood test, including:

  • Your blood fermenting
  • Something getting into the blood test and contaminating it
  • Your blood wasn’t stored properly and is compromised

If any of these is the case, it’s possible to have the blood test deemed inadmissible in court, which is a huge boon to your defense.

4. Improper Field Sobriety Tests

Field sobriety tests are also not particularly accurate, which can help when you’re figuring out how to beat a DUI.

In fact, tests have indicated that they’re only about 60-70% accurate. This means there’s a lot of room for outside influence (like the officer intimidating you or a lack of coordination on your part).

Now What?

While it’s best to avoid DUIs, now that you know how to beat a DUI you’re informed and can make your case the best you can.

Need more advice? Check out some of our other legal blogs for more information and contact us if you have questions or concerns.