Regardless of the charge, you are facing, whether driving under the influence (DUI), theft, or some other serious charges, you need a competent and experienced criminal lawyer to take up your case.

However, with so many lawyers, getting the best one for your case might not be like taking a walk in a park. The process can be confusing especially if you don’t know what to consider in your selection. So how do you choose the best criminal lawyer Toronto to trust with your case, and perhaps your life? Here at Ernst Ashurov, we understand the entire process of selecting the best criminal lawyer can be challenging, and that is why we decided to highlight the following guiding tips for you. Continue reading to get more insights.

Consider a Lawyer with a Passion for the Law

When it comes to choosing the best criminal lawyer in Toronto, you want to select a lawyer who practices law because he has a passion for it and not because of money or his academic qualifications. You don’t want a lawyer who is just representing you; you want one who is doing it out of passion, someone who loves what he is doing. So, when looking for a lawyer, go for the one who is ready to listen to your story passionately, show interest in it, and prepare to fight for you.

Experience May Vary

A lawyer with years of experience being involved in tax law is not the same as one with years of experience being involved in defending clients with criminal offenses such as DUI or theft, for example. So, you ought to look for a lawyer who specializes in specific criminal charges.

Trust Your Guts/Feelings

How do you feel with your prospective criminal lawyer? Does he make you feel doubtful? Your lawyer should be your advisor, giving you options and allowing you to make a choice. If you don’t feel comfortable with your lawyer, or he is pressuring you to take a particular decision, then you should look for a different lawyer.

Look For Confidence And Not Arrogance

You will always be in darkness, especially when it comes to law. This is because as much as you need to know what the outcome will be, your lawyer cannot decide on that. So, look for a criminal lawyer who will take time to come up with a strong case through thorough preparation; not those who give you promise and does nothing to prepare for the same promises.

Check References

A professional, a great criminal lawyer will have a great reputation to support that. To understand more about his competencies and successes, ask for recommendations from trusted associates, family members, and friends.

However, when asking for references, note that even the best and experienced lawyers have some dissatisfied customers and that is expected. However, you need someone with many and great recommendations compared to bad reviews.

Consider The Fee

When looking for a criminal lawyer in Toronto, you will find out that the fee charged by experienced lawyers is higher than that charged by fresh lawyers out of law school. However, if you find out your prospective lawyer is charging more than other lawyers with the same qualifications and experience, inquire why.

Get A Criminal Lawyer You Can Understand

Generally, lawyers will use specialized law terms when preparing legal docs or in court. However, when communicating with you, your lawyer should use language that you can understand. By using common terms, you will be able to understand each other. In preparing and during the court proceedings, communication is key.

Get a Lawyer With Courtroom Experience

Sometimes you may need to go to court. Well, that is expensive, but sometimes it could be the only option available. So, in case you have to go to court, your criminal lawyer should be confident in the court and when representing you. You don’t want a lawyer who is afraid to go to court!