Wrongful death seems uncommon in the United States, but the fact is that an estimated 98,000 people are killed due to medical errors annually in the US. Wrongful death can happen to anyone in your family, and it’s vital to know the proper steps to take to file a wrongful death lawsuit should your loved one pass away.

Hiring an attorney in the event of a wrongful death is a wise move if you plan to get the wrongful death damages you deserve for the loss of your loved one. The right attorney will help you get the largest settlement so you can attempt to move on with life.

Luckily, you’ve discovered the perfect guide to learning more about what to expect in wrongful death compensation when a family member dies. Continue reading to ensure you get the total compensation today!

What Is Wrongful Death Compensation?

Wrongful death compensation is money you receive for losing a family member. You can bring a lawsuit to the responsible party that made the mistakes leading to your family member’s death. The goal is to seek actual and punitive damages after their passing.

The two types of wrongful death damages are economic and non-economic damages. You can seek both these types of damages if they apply to the situation surrounding your family member’s death. Here’s a closer look at the two types of wrongful death damages.

Economic Wrongful Death Damages

Your economic damages after your family member passes are primarily lost wages and expected earnings. You can also seek a lost inheritance and the benefits your family member was entitled to. Another significant economic damage you can file a lawsuit for is the care and support your family member provided before their death.

It’s also worth noting the funeral costs and medical bills that accrued before the death of your loved one. Each of these damages carries a monetary value that sets your family back. The wrongful death lawyer linked here will help you take the proper steps when filing a wrongful death lawsuit for your lost family member.

Non-Economic Death Damages

You can also seek non-economic damages from the wrongful death. It’s your chance to receive compensation for the trauma and grief you’re experiencing after your loss. You can receive a settlement for these non-economic consequences of wrongful death.

Consider seeking compensation for your anguish and emotional distress after the wrongful death. You’re also losing out on the advice and support of your loved one due to the wrongful death and any pain and suffering you’re going through.

Some cases can also include punitive damages for non-economic factors. You can punish the offender if their actions were egregious, reckless, or intentional.

It’s also possible to receive compensation for the legal services you hired to take your case. This compensation also covers your court costs and legal fees depending on the wrongful death circumstances. It’s best to hire an attorney to navigate this process and understand the lawsuit you’re filing.

How Are Wrongful Death Damages Calculated?

It’s fair to wonder how wrongful death damages are calculated when a wrongful death impacts you. The death’s circumstances and its impact on your family will be significant factors for your compensation. The victim’s income is an essential factor you can’t overlook when calculating compensation.

Medical costs would be another prominent factor in wrongful death compensation, especially if they were the primary caregiver. Training and education will also get added to the equation. The circumstances of the death and the victim’s age are also noteworthy when estimating your settlement.

The settlement will likely be dispersed to the family in a lump sum payment. Your attorney will get you these funds through a trust account. The attorney then pays the proceeds to the surviving family members to cover costs and help with the grieving process.

Structured settlements are another way to receive your wrongful death compensation. You and your family members will receive smaller payments over an extended period. This is a wise move if you’re receiving a massive settlement.

Benefits of Hiring a Wrongful Death Attorney

Now that you know the settlement for wrongful death damages, it’s valuable to understand how an attorney can help. Knowing the benefits you’ll enjoy from your wrongful death lawsuit will simplify your decision. Here’s a closer look at the perks of hiring a lawyer after a wrongful death in your family.

Legal Knowledge

Wrongful death lawyers have much experience handling cases for their clients. They can look at your situation and assess the validity of your claim. Your claim will get filed swiftly and with all the proper steps taken.

Legal Advice

You can also gain valuable advice from a wrongful death attorney after the untimely death of a family member. Your mind is likely scattered after your loss, but your attorney will guide you in the proper direction. Their expertise will help ensure that your case goes smoothly from start to finish.

Less Stress

Managing a wrongful death damages case and grieving for your loved one is impossible. Hiring an attorney allows you to eliminate unnecessary stress in your time of mourning. You can focus your energy on healing and repairing your life.

Money Savings

When working with an attorney, you will also save money and gain a larger wrongful death settlement. Their negotiating skills will help you get every cent you deserve after an untimely death.

Seek Your Wrongful Death Damages Today

Suffering the untimely death of a loved one is a struggle to get through, but knowing the proper steps to file for wrongful death damages will ensure you receive a settlement. The settlement is determined by lost wages, future earnings, and the support your loved one provided. Depending on the size of your settlement, they’re dispersed either in a lump sum payment or installments.

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