Vaping is not new in the UK. However, ten years back when it was unknown to many, no one knew it would undergo a few changes and become famous. These changes were done to improve the quality of the product and the experience at the same time.

Nowadays, vaping has become popular among youngsters and even adults. This is because many people compare the benefits of vaping with smoking and found vaping less health threatening.

This factor encourages smokers to switch to vaping and experience the advantages as well. Moreover, the flavors of e-liquid is another reason why vaping attracts people. You can find several flavors at Next Day Vapes to make the most of your vaping experience.

Plus, it lets you opt just for the right amount of nicotine. There is no question that it is a fun and exciting activity that allows you to create rich vapor which is something you can do while smoking.

To be more precise, vaping does not pose threat to vapers in any way. Despite that, there are certain laws associated with vaping that every vaper must know.

E-Cigarette and Driving

According to Sussex Road Policing Unit, vaping produces a rich smoke. This smoke can be distracting, especially when you are driving. Therefore, if you are a regular user of an e-cigarette, you need to avoid in while driving.

Sussex Road Policing Unit further added, it takes only a minute to create a distraction and it often results in a car crash. If you do not pay attention, this crash can be fatal. Moreover, it is best not to vape while you are driving.

However, if it is incredibly important for you, let the windows open so that the vapor goes out of your car. A survey has revealed that around three million people in the UK are actively vape.

And the majority of them vape while they are in a car. If you caught vaping on your way, you are likely to receive a fine. If police officers find you distracted while driving, they are allowed to either punish or fine you.

Take note that you can get a find around £2,500 along with disqualification from driving.

Ban on Vaping

A bill to ban vaping in public spaces because of children was passed in Wales. However, because of insufficient support, it did not pass. Not only this, the public beach of Wales made it to headline for the same reason. In this case, you will not be fined if caught vaping in this area. But, the security might ask you to stop vaping.

Although the government is looking into the matter, there is no area related ban on the vaping currently. Take note that there are certain organizations and airlines that have imposed a ban on vaping. So, it is best to discuss it with the concerned person before starting to vape.

Product Restriction

Just like knowing the ban on vaping, learning about product restriction is crucial as well. Therefore, bear in mind that the e-liquid you use, its strength and size is determined by EUTPD.

According to EUTPD, e-liquid containers should not have 10 ml capacity. Also, cartridges and clearomisers cannot opt for more than 2ml. Moreover, nicotine strength has come into consideration as well.

It is decreased from 24% to 20%. Most importantly, e-cigarette manufacturers are now required to provide product information to the government. These products can only be allowed to market once they are approved by the government.

Final Verdict

You need to understand the laws and regulations before starting to vape. This way, you will not land in hot waters and enjoy vaping to the fullest. As a vaper, it is your responsibility to respect people and avoid using an e-cigarette in the public. You can limit vaping when driving to be on the safe side too.