Did you know the Jones Act creates 478,440 American jobs? How does the Jones Act impact the country and future of the economy? In this article, you will find out how the Jones Act is helping the economy in the United States.

Read on to discover 5 facts about the Jones Act. 

1. What Is the Jones Act?

 The Jones Act principles go back to the early formation of the US with The Tariff Act of 1789. The Jones Act is a federal law that controls maritime commerce within the United States.

It also requires goods shipped within the United States to be on ships transports by permanent residents or U.S. citizens.

Another name the act goes by is the Merchant Marine Act of 1920. 

Did you know that it is a cabotage law which means trading within two ports of the same country? The Jones Act puts certain restrictions in place as far as which vessels can participate in cabotage. 

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2. Protecting Workers

Before the act, workers didn’t have many rights as far as injuries. The maritime law also protects the well-being and safety of the crew. It protects sailors where if they’re injured on the job they will receive compensation.

It also makes sure that the environment is safe for all workers.

According to this maritime guide, examples of negligence which are covered are:

  • Poor safety training
  • Lack of regular check-ups on parts and equipment
  • Not repairing equipment and parts 
  • Not providing safety gear to workers
  • No warning signs in hazardous places
  • Not providing a proper sea vessel
  • Not making sure that vessel decks contain no-skid surfaces. 

3. The Jones Act Creates Jobs

As mentioned above, The Jones Act creates 478,440 American jobs. They can be varied from captains to truck drivers who deliver items to stores.

Also with the requirements to participate in the cabotage, that creates jobs in the building of the ship.

For example, the number above includes 82,040 jobs in shipbuilding that are supported by this act. Another requirement of the act is the vessel must have been built in the U.S., owned with 75% U.S. ownership.

4. Helps the Economy 

Thanks to the Jones Law, $100 billion is produced each year in the U.S. The positions in the maritime industry tend to be high paying as well. 

5. Helps Out in Times of Need

Did you know that in aftereffects of 9/11, American vessels in the area helped transport half a million people off the island? It only took them 9 hours.

During Iraqi Freedom, a vessel that was under the act helped out from 2000-2003. The vessel had done multiple trips delivering supplies to Iraq and returning war materials to the U.S.

Next Steps

As you can see, the Jones Act is a very vital and important part of history and today. It helps the economy, creates jobs, and helps in time of need. 

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