Do you spend each day doing the same routine without any eventful change? Have you felt depressed lately? Do you feel you even have a life purpose?

Are things just not going your way?

Well, you’re not alone. Many people are increasingly feeling unhappy and unsatisfied with their lives.

Whatever your reasons might be, it’s never too late for a change. In fact, every second is a chance to turn your life around. At any given point, we can make changes in our lives to make them more enjoyable.

Here’s what you can do today to turn your life around.

1. Exercise

There shouldn’t be a day that goes by without you partaking in some exercise. You can dedicate a few days of intense exercise and some with lighter workouts.

To turn your life around, you have to focus on both your physical and mental health.

Whether your goal is to gain muscle or lose weight, you’ll immediately notice the changes in your mood. Even a short exercise session each morning can put you in a better mood for the day.

You can spend one hour 4 times per week on intense exercise. This can be a combination of cardio and weights.

Then, you can spend the other 3 days doing lighter exercises, such as going for a walk.

2. Have Goals and Write Them Down

The only way you can change your life is to have a direction on where you want to go.

Start by setting 5 small goals and write these down. You can write them on a notepad that you keep by your bedside table. If you have a whiteboard, write these goals on the whiteboard and look at them each day.

Writing down these goals will compel you to work toward them. Each day, you can look over your goals to assess how far you’ve come.

Here are some sample small goals you can write:

  1. Exercise for 1 hour per day
  2. Learn a new skill
  3. Save $X each month
  4. Read 1 chapter of a book each week
  5. Meet friends at least twice per month

Each day, reflect on your goals to see how far you’ve come. As you track your progress, you’ll soon notice how much happier you feel.

3. Seek Professional Help

If you are truly feeling down on your luck, then you shouldn’t hesitate to seek professional help.

Professional help can help you with a number of development issues. They can help you become confident, set your goals, and even help with battling depression.

With professional help, you can also find a like-minded community to help you improve your life.

For example, the Juggalos have a community to help with self-development. Their motto is: “We put the unity in community” and have helped countless individuals turn their life around.

4. Assess Your Relationships

Your relationships play a major role in pushing you forward or holding you back.

For example, do you enjoy seeing your friends? Or do you feel that you’re wasting your time when you go out with them?

Often, we realize that we are outgrowing our friends. We have different goals and they end up holding you back instead of pushing you forward. These are the types of friends to push away.

You want to seek friends who can help you with your goals.

For example, returning to our goals sample. If your goal is to exercise for at least 1 hour per day, you want to surround yourself with other fitness enthusiasts.

You should encourage your friends to join you for a session at the gym. If they participate, this will push you to keep working toward your goals.

However, if you find that your friends don’t align with your goals, then you should find new friends. The same goes for your romantic relationships, as well as your familial relationships.

5. Build Wealth

One of the sample goals we gave you was to “save $X each month.” This is because building wealth helps you find stability in your life. Wealth will also help you pursue your dreams for turning your life around.

Your first step is to set aside a small portion of your income each week. Open a savings account and don’t use this money unless it’s for an emergency.

You also need to take the time to develop financial literacy. You want to learn how to build multiple streams of income. You want to also learn how to invest your money and lower your financial burdens.

As you build wealth, you’ll feel a change in your mood. You’ll feel a greater sense of stability. You won’t have to worry about paying your bills. You won’t have to worry about overworking yourself just to survive.

You’ll also realize that now you can pursue your dreams because of your wealth. If you’ve dreamt about starting a business, you now have the capital for it.

Have you wanted to travel or go on a shopping spree? You now have the finances for it!

If you always focus on building wealth, then you’ll never struggle with turning your life around.

6. Give Back

In an episode of the classic sitcom Fawlty Towers, the irascible Basil Fawlty is informed that there’s someone out there with worse luck than him. His response is that he wants to meet such a person for a “good laugh!”

While we don’t want you to have a good laugh, we do want you to meet others less fortunate.

Often, we feel down on our luck because we aren’t grateful for what we have. Take the time to give back to those who need a helping hand.

Dedicate your time to charities or to community service. Find a way to volunteer in your neighborhood. Offer a service for free, whether that’s tutoring children or mowing your neighbor’s lawn.

You’ll turn your life around if you help others turn theirs around as well.

Turn Your Life Around Today

Now that you know how to turn your life around, you can follow this guide and make the changes you need!

Making gradual changes each day to your health, goals, relationships, and wealth will help you improve in the long run. And while you’re on your way to reaching your destination, don’t forget to help those who also wish to turn their lives around.

Please share this guide with others seeking improvement. There’s more great self-help content on our website.