A good night’s sleep is important to restore your body energy and repair it for the task of the next day. According to a study, we spend 33% of life in the bed to sleep or get rest, but only 40% of us get the sleep we need. Some so many people suffer from insomnia and sleep deprivation, which leads to other mental and physical health problems such as obesity, high blood pressure, disturbed blood glucose levels, and depression. Most of the issues related to interrupted sleep are because of excessive light, uncomfortable bedding, unwanted noise for some time, and being unorganized in the boring bedroom. In this article, we aim to provide you with a few tips that will help you in hands the sleep quality and wind down at the end of a long day to get the best sleep ever.

1.Opt for Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are made from a thick and Opaque fabric, which is backed with synthetic materials such as polyethylene polypropylene phone and Rubber. They block the light coming into your room and a dark night like ambiance, which is important to get healthy because our body cannot relax when there is plenty of light. Light actually keeps our body active and reduces the secretion of sleep hormones. Where blackout curtains block the light from all sources, either its sunlight or artificial lights, and create a complete blackout in your room, they are available in different colors and all standard sizes, so it is sure to fit any bedroom and window.

2. Control Noise

There is no doubt that excessive noise keeps you up no matter its day or not. It is because of disruptive noise in our brain processing, which interrupts our sleep and wakes us up. To eliminate the noise, one can use soundproof curtains or any device that plays ambient noise all night, relaxing your brain and helping you sleep. You can also invest in buying a white noise machine if you don’t want to change the curtains or cannot sleep with light music on.

3. Change Your Bedding

Sleeping on a good mattress, not only reduces your nerves and muscles but also reduces back issues. Similarly, comfy pillow sports the neck and Shoulder muscles, ensuring that they are aligned, and bedsheets observe the body Fluids and excessive body moisture by keeping your body dry. As far as a suggestion, microfiber bed sheets provide the user with the necessary warmth without overheating and absorb the sweat at the same time. They are breathable as well, so people having asthmatic issues can also use them. These high-quality offers softness & are available in vibrant colors.

It is worthy of mentioning that only the right size can create a snuggly fit and appropriate overall look.  For instance, if you have a king size bed, you should go for trendy king size bedding to dress it up and make it eye-catching.  

4. Add Room Plants

Having fresh flowers or a lively room plant around greatly influences how you feel. They obviously look beautiful and add a POP of real colors to the place. According to the study, buying fresh flowers motivates you to keep your home clean and well organized. Moreover, it helps you have a good sleep by relaxing your nerves and mind. So try adding a bunch of colorful flowers (fresh cut) or some plants (green thumb) for a relaxing and refreshing appeal. Flower bouquets can be bought from the market if convenient or just subscribe to a flower delivery service to send you flowers of your choice daily.

5. Consider Changing the Mattress

Just like other bedding elements, a mattress plays a key role in bringing comfort to your bed. On average, a mattress lasts for 8 to 10 years, so if you’ve been using it for more than ten years, consider changing it. A mattress pad can also help you make your bed fluffier, softer, and cozier. So, replacing it can be an excellent up-gradation. There exist a wide range of mattresses, regular, deep, and extra deep with a thickness of 8 to 10 cm, 10 to 16 cm, and 16 to 22 cm. Premium quality innerspring mattresses and memory foams are also a good go-to choose when it comes to making your bed comfortable.

6. Get Right Pillows

Another way to bring comfort to your bed is the pillows. If your existing pillows are a thing or lofted, just upgrade them with a high quality down or microfiber filled ones. They’ll adjust according to the body position and provide you with a relaxed sleeping posture. Generally, it is recommended to upgrade the pillows every two years so that they are sturdy enough to support your neck and muscles and provide you with proper ventilation as well.

Pillow covers are of supreme importance as well, in case you do not have enough budget to replace the pillows, go for high quality padded covers. They’ll add softness to them and improve their overall look too.

7. Add Accent to Your Bed

Sometimes plain, solid, and unorganized beddings make you feel dull and boring, thus keeping your mind active or distracted by the cluttered stuff. Therefore, organize your bed and keep it neat and tidy. A smart way to keep it organized forever is to go for fitted sheets; they hug tightly to the mattress and do not come off no matter how much the bed is being used.

Also, upgrade the solid and plain bedsheets with interesting floral or pastel patterned ones.  Floral designs will refresh your mind and relax the nerves as well. You can buy oxford double bed sheets in all beautiful designs and styles that allow you an easy and affordable up-gradation.

Note that the above-described tips can be opted alone or in combination with other suggestions as well & if you follow all of them, we assure you a premium quality sleep.