New moms have it tough. After nine months of pregnancy and the difficulty of childbirth, they then have to dedicate most of their waking hours to their newborn. Sure, it’s a job most new moms are all too happy to do, but it doesn’t mean they’re not often left overtired and overstressed.

If you’re a new mom, there’s no doubt that you deserve a treat. Unfortunately, jetting off to your favorite vacation spot or spending a week at a spa might not be viable right now. Don’t worry — the following four treats won’t ask too much time or effort from you.

1: Order Sweet Treats Online

Most moms would love to get their hands on a delectable box of chocolates or perhaps that special candy that reminds them of their childhood. It’s not always easy to head to the store, though, particularly when no one else is around and the baby relies on you. The good news is that there’s an alternative: ordering sweet treats to be delivered straight to your door. You can get a custom box of chocolates packed with interesting, mouth-watering flavors without even leaving your home. Sure, it might take a little longer to get there, but it’ll be worth it when it does! Plus, you might even forget you’ve ordered it; then, you’ll experience a pleasant surprise when it arrives.

2: Listen to an Audiobook

Sometimes it can seem impossible to find even five minutes to sit down to read a book. With an audiobook, you can listen to the story throughout the day without using your hands. Whether breastfeeding, bathing your baby, or doing some chores, you can let the story envelop you.

3: Get a Foot Spa

Traveling to a spa isn’t easy for a new mom, so try the next best thing: a foot spa at home. When you have this in your home, you can easily switch the machine on, dip your feet into it, and then sit back and enjoy the motion. You can even enjoy the foot spa while breastfeeding or burping your little one! Not only will it feel relaxing, but a good foot spa will help reduce tension and improve circulation.

4: Pour Yourself a Fancy Cup of Tea

More than likely, you routinely glug down cups of coffee, trying to get through the day (or night!). While that helps you stay awake, it’s not exactly a treat-worthy experience. A nourishing cup of herbal tea poured from a tea set worthy of British royalty, however, does feel like a treat. Plus, it’s so easy to do. When you have a spare couple of minutes for a hot beverage, don’t just press the button on your coffee machine. Instead, make a relaxing chamomile, lavender, or peppermint tea in a pretty teapot. Don’t forget to relish the experience.

Being a new parent can take a lot out of you. These four easy ways to treat yourself might not completely change your life, but they are simply ways to feel better. Sometimes, that’s just enough.