A lot of instances or days can be special for anyone. The events or occasions which impact our lives are the ones we call “special.” For some people, it is their birthday, the day they met their life partner, the wedding day, the day they become parents, etc. But only quite a few of them are the ones, for which we can plan and organize. And definitely, wedding day tops the list as such special day occasions.

A wedding day is unquestionably one of the best days of someone’s life. After all, it will be the day when you finally take the vows, marrying the person you love, and entering into a different phase of life with your loved one. It calls for the special event where you grandly cherish such happiness and celebration in the presence of your parents, family, friends, and relatives.

Usually, planning and organizing a dream wedding is exciting and happy. But in action, it is quite daunting and exhausting too. There are multiple tasks at multiple fronts that need to planned and executed with the same zeal as its imagined. Hence, the functions like fixing dates, finalizing the venue, deciding on the bridal dress, exploring and ordering food to the catering companies, inviting guests, etc., are not easy to handle and require many enthusiastic people around. Additionally, in pursuit of getting the best arrangements, it is important to brainstorm and pick out the best ideas earlier and then get into the execution zone as the wedding day approaches.

Let’s explore some of the ways and ideas that can help to make your special day a memorable one:


All the preparations and planning depend on the choice of venue. The couple needs to decide where they want to get married, as the thematic setup can be determined based on it. Some people prefer to marry in their hometown or birthplace. In contrast, some choose to set up their marriage ceremony in their worship place so that post-ritual festivities celebrated in another venue setup.

Every venue has its charm and delicacy. For example, five-star hotels have a certain aura, and the countryside garden setup has its feel. Garden and outdoor wedding venues have become increasingly popular in recent years, offering couples an opportunity to create a truly beautiful arrangement for their special day. From floral arches to string lights and thematic table centerpieces, there are numerous decorating options available for these types of venues that make the ceremony even more memorable. For those going with a white tent wedding theme, making use of custom outdoor inflatables will ease the process of creating the overall atmosphere. For example, an additional white inflatable arch can add flair and directionality to point guests to where the venue is, or consider a white bouncy house as entertainment that is also perfectly tailored to the color scheme of the event. Garden and outdoor weddings offer so much potential to design an unforgettable celebration, making it quite easy to understand why these venues are becoming more highly sought after. Based on such choices, relevant themes can be finalized and set up for functions like the dress code, cuisine, etc.


A lovely picture can speak more than 100 words. You can spice up the celebrations with beautiful arrangements to create perfect backgrounds for photography.  Similarly, you can use childhood memories or cheeky moments of the couple as photos and videos as collage to be run before the rituals or in cocktail party post-wedding.

Additionally, you can set up a photo booth with crazy props for the guests to pose, and provide them the photo printed instantly. Also, there are many trendy bridal photo-shoot ideas out there to replicated like “The First Look.” It means before the hustle and bustles of wedding function and rituals, the bride and groom spent five minutes alone together, and the photographers capture such moments.


Your guests are the ones who bring colors to your celebrations. They also take out time, spend money on travel, helping you out in preparations, etc. How about expressing your gratitude with some goodies or pick-me-ups? It doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. You can place some sweet delights of locally produced chocolates in their rooms, or simply book an appointment of the spa to provide some solace and relaxation. It can be your way to say thank you to them to add value to your lives.


You can design a customized logo that involves fun characters of the bride and groom. These can replicate on the invitation cards along with one dedicated hashtag. This hashtag can use to post all updates on Instagram from day one of the preparations. In this way, all of the media can be curated in one place, too, which can be accessed later on to recall such memories.


Another interesting attempt to make your special day memorable is to arrange a vintage car for the couple’s departure from the venue. But before the departure, a small closing speech segment can provide an emotional and touchy end to such a festival. All the family members and close friends can say some heart-to-heart words for the bride and groom, and bid farewell to them with love and gratitude.


It doesn’t matter how classy the preparations are or the venue is; the wedding day has its charm and beauty, which can’t undermine the presence of extravaganza celebrations. But it would add flair and give you great memories to cherish later on in your life.