Many people indulge in several activities that is completely their own and no one has the right to dictate that. The definition of guilty pleasure is something that we must not like, but eventually, love to perform. This is a sort of contradiction and these are the things that people like to keep private.

Such as tracking someone else’s WhatsApp account, but if we are doing something on our own will, shall we feel guilty about it?There were many stories published on guilty pleasures. This list of guilty pleasures will surely make you want to discover yours right now!

Sleeping late at night

Well, it is a common phenomenon of young millennial. At night, people are glued to their social media networks for chatting, watching movies and doing things that they like. The habit tends to increase weight and develop certain disorders. We know it is wrong, but we still indulge in this activity.

Some of the other activities include the following.

  • Using the phone for a longer period of time
  • Wasting time by watching old movies
  • Stalking people you hate

Listening to music at high volume

Teenagers and young people love listening to music at higher volumes. Though it is not permitted, then we still do it. As per scientific reasons, loud music tends to stimulate the sacculus, a neural connection which offers a kind of pleasure in the hypothalamus.

Let us see why people have this guilty pleasure.

  • The moreloud music, the more it will increase the endorphins. These releases increase the desire to have louder music.
  • We love the vibe and hence, this is one guilty pleasure that we are not guilty of!

Riding a bike at high speed

People who love to ride motorbikes get usual pleasure by riding it at a very high speed. College-going boys tend to have competitions among each other with bikes, though it is risky, such pleasure cannot have any alternative. Therefore, even after knowing everything, it is not possible to control the urge to ride faster when the roads seem to have less traffic. Many of them make videos and post it on social networks to showcase talents and gather popularity. Riding bike with high speed?

Why I do this?

  • Showing off skills?
  • Luring girls in the college?
  • To Become a champ in the college?

Eating too much fast food

Junk food is something very hard to resist and that’s why people often binge on them. Moreover, people have forgotten to eat homemade food and with the propelling offers by online delivery stores, everything is available right with one swipe. The cheap and easy availability of fast food is growing to be popular among us. I love to eat them as night snacks, evening snacks or even lunch.

This guilty pleasure includes

  • Eating wherever you go
  • Crave to anything spicy all the time
  • I cannot stop fantasizing about food.

Watching football till dawn

Soccer lovers wait for different seasons and therefore cheering for the favorite team is a must. The matches are shown live on the channels at night. And, watching matches till dawn offers great pleasure I love watching them knowing I have to go to the office the next day. Go, Ronaldo!

What I like Most

  • Watching CR7 stunner shots and flying headers.Generally Real Madrid and Juventus matches are started at midnight comparing to Asian time.
  • Not missing any scene so that you become blank during trolls coming up in the football memes page on Social Media .

Singing loud in the bathroom 

I love to sing loud in the bathroom knowing I have a very bad voice. This gives me happiness, even it seems irritating to others. I know I must be considerate and not be a nuisance for others, but then some-how I feel confident when I get to sing on my own, where none is judging me.

Singing out loud gives me

  • Pleasure at heart
  • Happy Mood
  • Confidence

Irritating my friends

At times, when I am with my friends, I love irritating them by saying lame jokes and singing songs with an utter pathetic voice and tune. This is my pleasure and I feel happy when they get irritated.

I love to

  • Make memes of my friend
  • Tag them in unnecessary posts

Don’t receive calls when playing PUBG

While I am playing PUBG, I hate receiving calls, even if it is urgent. Especially during attacks, calls are just not entertained. Although, it is bad, but somehow it is one of my guilty pleasures of ignoring calls while playing PUBG.

Why I do this?

  • Ignoring the partner’s call
  • Inviting a fight
  • Not paying attention to any other thing except the game

Wasting time by scrolling FB feed

It is one of the most usual guilty pleasures; I keep on scrolling feed and tend to see things. It is a great wastage of time but scrolling is kind of suspense. 

It is as follows

  • You don’t know what you might come across next.
  • The feeling drives us to keep on scrolling for hours at times.

Being late to reach the office

Majority of the Indian population rush in the morning, to make sure, they reach office on time. On the other hand, I keep on wasting in the washroom, looking at myself, delivering dialogues. It is not required in the morning but gives certain pleasure that makes me feel everything can be compromised at that very moment in time.

I am late to the office because of the following

  • Wake up late
  • Laying around for no reason
  • Being lazy without any purpose

Wrapping Up

These were some of my guilty pleasures and I love doing them even after knowing they are all not right. Well, that’s why they have the name. Moreover, doing all of these makes no sense in real life, but indulging is eventual. Many a time, it can reach to heights, but how does it matters until its pleasurable, there is no point in feeling guilty!