Did you know that there are around 28,900 assisted living communities in the US alone? These centers offer an excellent place for older adults looking to live in a positive environment where they can receive help. 

It is important to understand how elderly home living centers differ so that you can place your loved one in the most suitable facility.

Continue reading to discover what is assisted living and how it compares to nursing homes. 

What You Need to Know About Assisted Living

There comes a point in life where a loved one may need extra care and you are no longer able to offer it yourself. Assisted living centers are a great option but many people don’t understand what exactly assisted living is.

It is important to do plenty of research and have conversations with your loved one to match up the accommodations needed and the type of atmosphere that they are looking to live in.  

Below you can find some of the most important information that you should be aware of when picking a center for your loved one. 

What Is Assisted Living?

Assisted living can be called by many things such as retirement home and nursing home. If you find yourself asking, “what is assisted living?” then you should be sure to do your research because there is a perfect community waiting for your loved one to join. 

Assisted living offers a safe community for elderly adults that need a housing alternative. It gives the chance for adults to be close together and prevent loneliness through games and activities. 

Most residents in assisted living centers are independent and may only need help with certain aspects of their life, rather than being looked over 24/7. This gives each resident the chance to live their own lives and still feel in control without having to worry about being constantly looked over with no privacy. 

What If They Need Extra Care?

Assisted living centers typically offer multiple levels of care at their facilities, depending on what the person needs.

Facilities can offer care for bed-ridden clients who have very little mobility and may even need a nurse on staff at all times (but this is more typical at nursing homes). Other assisted living centers may be more hands-off and good for those who still want their privacy and personal time. 

What Makes Them Different from a Nursing Home

Nursing homes often have more hands-on staff to help out the residents as compared to assisted living centers. Typically, those who reside in a nursing home require around the clock care and speech or physical therapy throughout the day. 

Assisted living centers are directed more for those who can’t live on their own but may need help with mobility. This type of center offers support to their residents but still maintains space for them to live their lives the way they want to. 

Not All Centers Are the Same 

If you have been to a poorly run nursing home and have a jaded view of them, don’t lose hope! Every assisted living community has a unique atmosphere that your loved one can feel comfortable in.  

Finding the right center can take some time but it is normally worth doing the research. There is a lot that people don’t understand about assisted living care, but they are typically very accommodating and have special centers based on your loved one’s preferences.  

You Do Not Have to Feel Alone

Many residents are hesitant to join an assisted living community because they have a significant other that they would want to stay with or a loved pet that they aren’t ready to say goodbye to. Many assisted living centers have the option of moving in with your significant other and bringing along pets, depending on the location.   

It can become a little more costly if you chose to get a larger room for their significant other, however, they will both be ensured a safe place to live in where they can still be involved in a community. Even if they are moving in alone, there are plenty of recreational activities hosted at the center to encourage socialization and relationship building.

Basic Services Offered to Residents  

Not all assisted living communities offer the same resources but most share some in common. It is typical that a center will offer their residents’ health care monitoring, help with maintaining hygiene, housekeeping and laundry assistance, recreational activities, and security. 

Each home is unique and many of them even offer transportation and help with medications for those who can’t maintain them. Be sure to look over the accommodations at every assisted living center you visit so that you can compare the needs of your relative to the ones offered. 

Alternative Housing Done Right

Looking for a secure area that elderly adults can get help in and live in a healthy environment can be a difficult task that no one looks forward to. Now that you are aware of what is assisted living and how it differs from a nursing home, doing the research may not seem as difficult.

Assisted living centers are extremely accommodating and have a lot to offer for their residents. You can’t treat each of them the same because every center in unique in its own ways and offers a different community. 

Be sure to read about red flags and things to avoid when picking out the center for your loved one to avoid future issues.