Happiness is something that everyone wants to experience, as well as for the people that they love to also feel. Being a woman is not easy, they are under a lot of pressure to stay thin, look good, and act in a certain way. But why should you be happy? Is there any need for it? Yes, research shows that being happy greatly increases your chances of living past the age of 85, and it also greatly improves all of your relationships. We will be explaining how this great feeling and mindset can be achieved in this article about when is a woman really happy.


 One of the most prominent feminine qualities is their natural love for children. Children are a big source of joy for women, of course bringing up children comes with its ups and downs. On the other hand, this effort is all worth it as it makes you feel good inside when you see firsthand all of your hard work paying off as your child becomes a good person.

 Even if a female does not happen to have children of her own due to a choice of her own or simply not having the opportunity, interacting with the children of friends and family will still have the same positive effect on her. Additionally, children are great to be around as they do not judge and will see the best in people, unfortunately unlike a lot of adults.

 Great Friends

 Every female needs great friends with whom she can share the laughs as well as the not-so-good times of her life. A good friend is not someone that tells you what you want to hear or is only nice to you to your face. Instead, a good friend is someone who is prepared to tell you the truth and someone that wants the best for you even if you are not ready for it.

 Often individuals can develop much stronger relationships with their friends than with their actual relatives. After all, we are not able to choose our family, but to a certain extent; we are able to select our friends. This is why as a woman you should take a good look at who you trust, and if you come upon the realization that you may not have the right friends it is never too late to find friends that are truly good for you. But as we mentioned further above, you should not look for people that are two-faced but are honest and want the best for you.


 The majority of women want to have the independence to do and live their life the way they want. By achieving independence, females will have the freedom to take on whatever life has to offer. They will know that even if their romantic relationship does not happen to work out that they will be able to take care of themselves without requiring the support of others.

 Overall, fewer women around the world work full-time compared to men, therefore, women earn much less money on average, and it is much harder for them to do what they want. If you want the best for yourself as a woman or care about that special female in your life then you should support their need for independence. It is admittedly easier for your wife to take care of the housework, however, at the same time it is not the right thing to do for her quality of life.

 Being Respected

 You can have all of the money you need in the world; however, we will point out while answering the question of when a woman is really happy is when she is respected. Respect makes us feel good about ourselves as it shows us that we are valued which is very important to every person. It also gives us the power to be ourselves which is much harder than it may initially sound.

 To add to this, being respectful to a woman shows that you care about her feelings which will allow you to make fewer mistakes in your relationship as well as overcome the issues with greater ease. Thanks to all this, self-respect can be developed by the female herself which will mean that she will take much greater care of herself and be more likely to do what is best for her.


 There will always be issues in life and people who will make fun of you and not treat you in the best way possible. Rather than wasting time overthinking about such things, having confidence will help the women in question to simply not be phased by such things. Apart from that confidence will provide us with the will to take the opportunities that come up in front of us. Some of those opportunities will not turn out as good as you imagined. But ultimately you will end up living a life with much fewer regrets as you had a go.

 Moreover, it will greatly reduce the chances of the female suffering from stress. Apart from not being enjoyable to go through, it can make individuals act in ways that they will later on regret, and it is actually bad for you.


 You may have already guessed this! But romance is important to many women. Enforced by multiple forms of media such as movies, music, and classic books for example. Females are emotional creatures, they want that fairy tale for themselves with a partner that may not be perfect but may be just right for them.

 Being in love is exciting, and it can take their mind off the problems that may be ongoing in the woman’s life. Not all types of love will last the distance. The majority will fail, however, if you are lucky enough and honest with yourself you may find as a woman the right partner for you who will love you at your best and your worst.

 Content with Life

 When is a woman really happy, one of the main reasons behind real female happiness is finding the meaning behind your life? A real source of not being content is trying to please other people rather than focusing on their own well-being. Such individuals that do not focus on themselves will also likely work on crafting some kind of positive image of themselves exclusively for the outside world. This image may have something to do with appearing wealthy or looking like what society sees as attractive.

 None of this is needed and frankly, it is a waste of your precious time. As a woman, you should be appreciative of what you have and find a purpose in your life that will truly allow you to find lasting happiness.