Here is the thing, many people thought that having your initials engraved in a bracelet is so the 2000’s. But sometimes old is gold and this is exactly where we still can show people we care.

No matter which century we3 are in when someone gives your personalized bracelet you still want to hug them and tell them that is a lovely and personalized thought.

And recently if you are looking at the fashion trends in terms of jewellery and accessories, the minimalism factor is leading there. Gone are the days when we want to deck ourselves up with shots of designs. But, now a simple small bracelet with a tiny initial that looks like a tattoo would add to our semi-formals and casuals like fine wine.

We almost wouldn’t want to even call personalized bracelets a trend, because it is one of those things that when someone gives you, you just want to keep it on forever.

When it comes to sterling silver personalized bracelets, many would also pass it on to their family. Making it more of a thing of sentimental value than a fashion trend that could come and go.

If you come to think of personalized bracelets are one of those things that grow with us, sets the theme of our personalities and let us carry something close to our hearts with us everywhere. Without having it stand out like bright colours, but slowly seeping into someone’s memory of meeting us.

Reasons to Get a Personalized Bracelet

If you are looking to make a long-lasting impression but you know the person likes things simple, then make a personal statement instead of a fashion statement. These personalized engravable bracelets are one of the most thoughtful impressions of love, care and unity.

Perfect for anniversary gifts, gifts for new mothers. Or even, if you want to gift yourself something, starting with a personalized bracelet which is more you than trendy homogenous designs.

You could easily mix match them with whatever you wear. Because an engravable personalized bracelet is not a bangle that stands out, it is your personality that stands out. No matter where you go.

Even if you come to think of the target audience for such bracelets, it goes beyond gender and age. Last Christmas, I had bought my grandmother a minimalistic personalized bracelet, and to see her face light up was all I will ever need.

And, this is the beauty of such personalized items, it is an expression that is worth a million hearts.

There are no reasons not to get a personalized bracelet because, what is even fancier than you proudly daunting something that is essential’ you’!

There are tons of places online that will get you some amazing designs for personalized bracelets, starting from the design, the size and the delivery timings and options.

All you need to do is give them the initial or letters/words you want, and you can get yourself something more special than a factory-made 1000 pieces looking the same kind of jewellery. You can get yourself a personalized identity and wear it everywhere.