Estimates suggest that roughly 80% of B2B businesses make use of account based marketing.

You may want to use account based marketing in your business, but you may be unsure of how to begin. Do you need to adjust your marketing materials? Will you need to try different forms of advertising?

Keep reading to learn more about how you can prepare your business for account based marketing. If you doubt your ability to make use of account based marketing, this post will help show you how the concept is not as complicated as it seems.

Let’s begin!

Create Highly Relevant Marketing Materials

Account based marketing is when you’re trying to win the business of one specific company or individual.

For account-based marketing to work, you need to learn a lot about the person/company you’re trying to go after. In doing so, you’ll be able to create marketing materials that will resonate with the account you’re trying to secure.

One way you might go about this task is by monitoring news associated with your target audience.

For instance, suppose you sell a CRM solution, and your target audience recently won a contract with a large new customer. You could create a document that teaches your target audience how your CRM can help them manage data, associated with this new client.

The relevance of the report means that your chosen audience will be more likely to read the report, and then reach out, should they discover it.

Learn How Retargeting Works

You can use retargeting to reach your chosen audience on multiple platforms. This then allows you to remain ‘top of mind’ when it comes to your target audience. 

The fact that you’re going after just one specific account can make normal forms of online advertising ineffective.

After all, if your chosen audience sees your ad once, and then scrolls past it, your chances of winning that account become very slim. But if you can use retargeting to reach that account, across many platforms, your ability to generate interest improves.

Most ad platforms allow you to set up retargeting campaigns, provided you install a certain block of code on your website. You can also use certain 3rd party retargeting solutions, to ensure your retargeting ads appear on a wide range of websites.

Review Your Strategy

If you find that your account based marketing strategy delivers results, you’ll want to speak to your client and ask them about your marketing.

You may want to give them a list of questions so that you can find out how long they’ve known about your brand. You might also want to ask them to explain what it was that made them reach out.

You can then use this information to double down on what works, but to also figure out what you should stop doing. 

Ready to Prepare Your Business for Account Based Marketing?

If you want to prepare your business for account based marketing, the tips in this post should help you get the job done.

It’ll take some time to dial in your approach, and you may experience many failures before you hit paydirt. You may need to experiment with many different advertising platforms. You might also need to experiment with the kinds of reports you’re using to gain the attention of your audience.

It certainly takes a lot of work to create a successful account based marketing campaign. But if you can figure out how this approach works, there’s no doubt your business will experience significant growth.

Do you have any tips on how to get great results with account based marketing? Please share your thoughts in the comments section!