What if your biggest demographic was out there just waiting for your advertisements?

We live in an increasingly global economy, and that means marketing to customers all over the world. And one of the best ways for your business to succeed is for you to start advertising in China.

Wondering why to do this and how you can get started? Keep reading to learn the answer?

Why Should I Be Advertising in China?

We’ve prepared a solid guide below for different ways that you can start advertising in China. First, though, we should start with the big question: why should you start advertising in China in the first place?

Primarily, it’s a numbers game. You want access to a global market, and China has over a billion citizens within its borders. Furthermore, their younger citizens have money to burn. That means unprecedented opportunities for you and your company!

However, between differences in law and culture, you’ll find that China is like a different world unto itself. Many of the marketing techniques and platforms that you use successfully in North America and Europe do not work very well in China.

There is a lot you’ll need to know before your Chinese marketing campaign can really get off the ground. Fortunately, you have time to learn more before getting started.

And speaking of good fortune, we know what marketing techniques work best. Here are our favorite ways to start advertising in China! 

1. Baidu Is Best

China has its own analogs for many Western tools, and that includes Google. The Chinese counterpart of Google is known as Baidu.

Broadly speaking, advertising on Baidu works like advertising on Google. You’ll need to use a phrase synonym match to find the phrases you want and bid on them as you would with any other PPC.

You should know there are many hoops to jump through that range from providing proof of business license to proving you have over $7,000 in operating capital. But these hoops are worth it due to the sheer popularity of Baidu!

2. Qihoo 360

Qihoo 360 is the second most popular browser in all of China. And advertising on it works in the same essential way as advertising on Google or Baidu.

The fact that this is a less popular browser brings in some unique benefits and drawbacks. For instance, the lower amount of consumer traffic can be annoying at first. However, this ends up making the PPC for Qihoo very competitive–a great choice if your company is on a strict marketing budget.

3. The Sogou Secret

Your domestic marketing efforts are all connected. That is, no successful company would only embrace a single channel or single platform to help advertise their company.

It’s the same way in China. And that’s why we love the search engine Sogou so much!

Sogou has formal partnerships with Chinese social media giants such as WeChat (more on them in a minute). That means that when users perform searches on Sogou, they may also find results that link them to your Chinese social media presence.

As with Qihoo, you can get access to very competitive PPC prices across the board. Done right, this can translate to major results that won’t end up breaking the bank for your company.

4. Youku Tudou: The Other Youtube

Remember when we said that China has its own version of just about every online tool? Well, Youku Tudou is basically their version of Youtube.

It’s possible to run things like banner ads on Youku Tudou. However, just like Youtube, you’ll get better results if you are paying for video advertisements for your company.

Of course, not every company has the budget to create a series of professional video advertisements using professional actors. That’s why we recommend using Youku Tudou to advertise only if your marketing budget has some extra money to burn.

5. WeChat Welcomes You

Ever wonder what the universal language is? Some people say it’s love and others say it is math. The truth is that the universal language is text messaging!

WeChat is a messaging and social media app that is insanely popular. In fact, the majority of their billion-plus population uses the app for over an hour each day.

It’s possible for you to buy ads on WeChat, though it tends to be pretty expensive. You pay in a cost per impressions, and you can target demographics using factors such as age, location, and gender.

As with Youku Tudou, this is a good advertising choice if you have a healthy marketing budget. However, considering the sheer number of people who use WeChat every day, it may very well be worth it!

6. Toutiao, Today

Many of us don’t read many in-depth news articles anymore. In fact, it’s much more common that we end up skimming headlines to figure out what’s going on.

China’s residents view the news in a similar way, and that’s what the Toutiao model banks on. It aggregates important headlines and then distributes ads to users view a specialized app.

You can bid on Toutiao to broadcast your advertisement to the app’s users. And you have the choice for paying per day or via “guaranteed delivery,” which is like a more structured CPM model.

7. Sina Weibo: A New Kind of Social

In addition to messaging platforms like WeChat, China has other robust social media applications as well. And one of the most popular WeChat alternatives is Sina Weibo.

This is a Twitter-like platform that allows you to purchase sponsored in the form of CPM or CPE. In addition to its ease of use, advertising on this platform is popular because it is relatively easy and cheap for foreign businesses to register and begin their overseas marketing campaigns. 

Advertising In China: The Bottom Line

Now you know why you should be advertising in China. But do you know how you can stay on top of other marketing trends as they emerge?

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