In the USA almost 90% of all businesses use social media as a marketing tool. If you are looking to get in on the action, that is a lot of competition. 

Even in the pet supply industry, if you want to get your brand out there and known, it won’t happen automatically.

If you are looking to make your pet supply brand better known and better establish your online presence you may need some help.

Here is our guide to the absolute top 5 social media marketing tips for your pet supply shop.

Create a Social Media Plan for Each Channel 

A carefully thought-out social media strategy or plan can catapult your brand into orbit. However, here is the thing. Each channel should have its own plan.

We know that some channels are used by some demographics more than others, business owners need to consider who will be the predominant user of the channel and plan accordingly. 

Does your business have a visual appeal that focuses on cute puppies and kittens? Then your use of Instagram will be significantly different to that of Twitter, and of Facebook and so on. Each channel should a distinct plan that gets the best out of it.

Does this all sound overwhelming? This is why many businesses decide that less is more. They choose to use a small number of social media channels, however the channels they use, they use well.

Post Consistently

One of the most important social media marketing tips is consistency. The social media world is moving 24/7 and so a haphazard approach to posting will soon leave you forgotten by customers. 

As part of your plan mentioned in point 01, strategize when and how frequently your posts will be released. Learn who your target audience is and when they are looking at social media. Choose these times to maximize the yield of every post.

Be Very Picky

If you are going to have a social media marketing strategy, it should be focused and goal oriented. For this, you need to be very picky.

Well-known brands put their name out there and build awareness. Successful brands go one further and build awareness and engagement, and ultimately sales, with each post.

Rather than a bland banner, use each social media post to invoke a reaction whether emotional or humorous in each of your audience.

Post Images

“Pictures speak a thousand words” is probably the biggest cliché in the world but is still true.

If your audience is most affected during the first five seconds that they are looking at your post, then make it an image, so that they take in as much as possible. Ensure that your brand is incorporated into the image.

Like the folks over at Innovet who use a combination of images and brief customer testimonials to both grab attention and build relevance in the eyes of customers.

Watch Your Competitors

Once your online presence begins to grow, you will want to start checking out your competitors and their strategies. Why? So that you can benefit from their experience. Does this sound a little unethical?

Not at all. Since you have a presence, they are probably doing the same to you as we speak. 

By all means follow your competitors, especially those who are larger than you and currently fill the space you want to be in. Work out their strategy, why their site is generating more sales than you, the frequency of their posts.

This may determine your next step in the social media world.

Social Media Marketing Tips and Much More

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