COVID-19 has pushed people to their limits and has made them rethink their lives. Businesses have felt this impact. Small and medium-sized businesses have especially suffered a lot due to the economic impact of the pandemic. While some e-commerce firms may have witnessed a surge in their business, the vast majority of business transactions still happen in the real world.

The physical world has managed to retain its charm for many people out there. The way that people work every day has changed tremendously during this pandemic, and streaming platforms have become the new source of primary entertainment. This humongous shift has forced a good number of businesses to think about moving online. The reason for this shift may be to allow the remote working of employees or to venture into the untapped digital niches. Thankfully, modern-day technology has allowed businesses to function to some extent, despite the challenges involved. In this blog post, you shall learn how marketing trends have adapted to the pandemic.

Personalization is the key to profits

The youth of today can’t think about going through their lives without the internet right now. Almost every errand or shopping is done online currently. The Internet has become a vital part of everyday life. The increasing number of personalized ads on the internet has made people understand that marketers already possess a wealth of information about them. As a result, customers are looking for personalized offerings from businesses. Businesses have learned to adapt to this changing trend and are competing with their rivals to leverage personalized marketing to boost their profits.

Video marketing is here to stay

You must have already observed the shift in the marketing trends from text-heavy marketing to video-based marketing. Videos are a staple part of almost every website right now. Leveraging this demand for quality videos, numerous companies have come into existence with the sole objective of helping businesses succeed in their video marketing efforts. Many marketers now believe that videos are the best way to do online marketing. Companies offering outsourced website design services are not an exception to this trend.

Leveraging existing customers to boost profits

Tapping into existing customers to increase sales is no longer a new trend, but it is still surprisingly effective. While customer testimonials and forums used to be the primary ways to exploit this, things have changed a bit now. Third-party review platforms and social media posts are now the best ways to leverage this avenue. Since these people face the same problems and speak the same language, this type of marketing’s positive impact is invaluable. Even outsource website design companies have witnessed the efficacy of this marketing trend.

Showcase purpose in your marketing efforts

Today, the world is grappling with so many issues, including the pandemic, economic downfall, climate crisis, and the fight against racial injustice. Customers are leaning towards brands that can showcase solidarity with these social causes and also speak up on the same. Buyers are also less reluctant to call out brands that act in their own corporate interest, making it very important to consider inclusivity and social awareness in your marketing efforts.