Earlier generations of businesses and entrepreneurs have had to go the old fashioned, brick, and mortar route of handing out flyers, word of mouth, and street team methods to promote their brand. The always-evolving internet has created so many doors of opportunities for people to not only start a business but create an entire brand. There are several intricate ways to bring people to your business online that you don’t have to choose just one. You can create funnel systems using sites like getresponse.com to bring you consumers or use list optimization tools like IO Scout Amazon listing optimization that helps to optimize your product list on Amazon to bring your brand and product to the right target audience. Whatever method you take or tool you use you have the guaranteed option pf building your brand without having to leave your house.

Search Engine Optimization and List Optimization

With technology right at our fingertips, it is incredibly easy to figure out what products are in demand and what trend has ended or started. Doing your research on where to sell your product and who to sell it to the most no longer has to be a trip you have to take or a drawn-out research project. People who create brands today have learned how to make keywords related to their company a way to create brand awareness using SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Google is the number one search engine so businesses have learned that if they have the right keywords to get them on the first page of Google, it will bring more consumers to their brand.

Another similar marketing tool business used through the internet is list optimization tools that allow you to build lists of vendors of prospects who will be most likely to click and buy from your brand. Before the internet, cold calling, door to door, and business to business methods were the way to reach out prospects. List optimization focuses your attention on the best prospect willing to connect with your brand.


Brand marketers can now use the internet to increase sales by using a marketing tool that has consumers travel through stages of your brand to get to know why it will benefit them before making a buying decision. It’s almost like leaving breadcrumbs for someone to pick up, leading them to the main prize. A funnel consists of four different stages. The awareness stage, which involves paid advertisements and social media content. The interest stage brings you to something like a landing page or e-book. The decision, which takes you to a free consultation, free trial, or free demo. Finally, the action stage, which brings you to either a shopping cart or payment system. At the end of it all, it is a system that can bring dozens of customers all day by a click of a button.

Creating a Website

Before you even get to the point of funnels and SEO tools, you have to make sure your website feels like you are physically at your store or business facility. Before, if you weren’t computer savvy or into coding, you had to spend a great deal of money for someone to build an attractive website for your brand. The internet has advanced so much in recent years that now you can easily go to a website to build a website. With self-building sites like Wix or Squarespace, you can build your high-quality website within minutes. Some people have said that they’ve created a website in less than an hour. The best thing about this option is that you can do it for free. If you are someone who can’t articulate or figure out what your vision for your brand will be, or you just don’t have time to work on a website, you can still find a web designer, again on the internet, that can do it for you.

The same thing goes with creating graphics and logos for your brand. You can save time and energy by creating them yourself right on your laptop. Popular websites like Canva and Looka.com provide so many templates and already made graphics for you to create images that compliment your brand yourself. You don’t have to be an artist or graphic designer. Even if you need pictures, you don’t have to be a skilled photographer or leave your house just to take photos. The internet is filled with free stock photos on sites like Unsplash.com and PicMonkey.com. Everything is right at your fingertips.

Social Media

Social media has become such a dominant information and communication source on the internet that you can figure out who’s looking for the products you sell, how they feel about what’s on the market etc. With social media all you have to do is use hashtags to find out information about the market your business is in, see the competition, and figure out what you can do differently to grow your audience. With each social media channel you can not only build your target consumer audience you can communicate with them directly and advertise the products all at the same time. You can pay for advertisements to run on each social media channel and connect with your loyal consumers at the same time. Using SEO and funnel tools on your social media site brings your consumer back to your website and heightening your chances of a sale.


The internet has turned the modern-day journey of becoming an entrepreneur and building a brand into a convenient and efficient process. With so many tools and avenues to get to know and reach your target consumer’s needs, it almost feels like you’re cheating the process. Although you have to leave your house and network some of the time for your brand, you can build and communicate a great amount of it right at home on your computer. There are a lot of elements that use to take a great deal of time, and also extra people for tasks that are outside of your skillset, that you can do yourself with a click of the mouse. Using the internet to build the majority of your brand may seem like such an easy thing to do but it still takes hard work and commitment. Either way, it creates a smoother and more efficient way that is beneficial for your business.