Fill in the blanks with the appropriate options given below.

A)Lowering costs

B)keeping employees healthy

C)Reducing tripping hazards

D) Improving employee efficiency

Answer: Reducing Waste Benefits Your Shop by Cutting Down on Pollution and lowering costs.


Reducing waste benefits a shop by not only cutting down on pollution but also by lowering costs. When a business minimizes waste, it often leads to more efficient use of resources, reduced raw material consumption, and decreased disposal expenses. This, in turn, contributes to cost savings for the shop. Additionally, efficient waste reduction practices can improve operational efficiency and productivity, contributing to cost-effectiveness. Therefore, option A, “Lowering costs,” is a direct and significant benefit associated with reducing waste in a shop.

The other three options “keeping employees healthy”, “Reducing tripping hazards” & ” Improving employee efficiency” don’t have any direct relation with the waste reduction of a shop.