It takes 65 days, on average, to sell a house. If you’ve already found your new home, you may be looking for ways to speed up this process.

Properly preparing your home for sale will help you do just that. In fact, not only will it help to sell your home faster, but it can even get you more money for your home.

Do you want to know how? Keep reading to discover our top tips to prepare your home for selling.

1. Improve Curb Appeal

Your home’s exterior is the first thing potential buyers will see. If you want to give them a good first impression, it’s important to focus on improving your curb appeal.

Trim the hedges, get rid of any weeds, and water your lawn so it’s nice and green. It’s also a good idea to power wash your siding. This can remove years of built-up dirt and leave your home looking better than ever!

2. Declutter

Clutter can easily make a home feel cramped and messy. And when you’re going to have strangers walking around, you probably don’t want to keep piles of mail or other personal belongings out anyway.

Decluttering has an added benefit too: the more you declutter, the less you have to worry about packing and taking with you!

So, go through your home one room at a time and get rid of anything you don’t want or need anymore. Your home will appear a lot more open, and you’ll feel much better afterward.

3. Depersonalize

Part of preparing your home for sale is removing personal items, like family photos and kid’s drawings. You want to create a blank canvas, so potential buyers can picture themselves living here. When you keep all your personal belongings out on display, they’ll likely feel as though they’re invading someone else’s space instead of looking at their dream home.

4. Pack What You Can

Things like out-of-season clothes and holiday decorations can all be packed away before you show your home to potential buyers. This will free up space in closets and other storage areas, so buyers can better see how large these storage spots really are.

Plus, by packing things now, you can move out faster when your house does sell.

If you’re having trouble finding a buyer, you may want to consider selling your home to Property Saviour. They don’t lie when they say “we buy any house”, making this a great option if you need to move out fast or don’t have the time to prepare your house for sale.

5. Make Small Repairs

Chances are, there are a few small damages throughout your home. Things like nail holes in the walls, loose towel bars, and leaking faucets should all be fixed before you show your home.

You may always want to replace outdated cabinet hardware. Although it’s a small detail, it can really help modernize the room without spending a fortune.

6. Shampoo Your Carpet

Are you considering replacing your carpet before you sell your home? Why not try shampooing it instead?

Although regular vacuuming helps to collect dust, it doesn’t get everything. Years’ worth of dirt is likely making your carpet look dull and old. By simply shampooing it, your carpet will look newer and you’ll save tons.

7. Repaint

Do you have any bright and bold colors on your walls? Do your walls look a little dingy and dirty? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, consider repainting before you show your house to buyers.

You want your home to be a blank canvas to help buyers easily see themselves living there. So, opt for a neutral wall color like white, tan, or light grey. A fresh coat of paint will also help your home appear newer and brighter, which will help attract buyers.

8. Get Light Curtains

One of the best ways to make your home appear warm and welcoming is to utilize natural light. You can do this easily and affordably by picking the right window treatments.

Neutral or light-colored curtains help to frame your windows and add to the overall appearance of the room. You should also go for a light and airy fabric as heavy fabrics can block out natural light.

9. Clean, Clean, Clean

Nobody wants to buy a dirty house. So, make sure you’re appealing to buyers by giving your home a nice deep cleaning.

Aside from your regular upkeep, consider cleaning the oven and refrigerator, washing all the windows, cleaning grout between tiles, and recaulking all your sinks, showers, and bathtubs. You should also consider removing any lime stains on your faucets.

This may seem like a lot, but it’s a great way to make your home appear well cared for. Plus, these small things can make a huge difference. For example, after cleaning your grout and removing lime stains, your bathroom can suddenly look years newer.

10. Add a Natural Element

After you’ve followed the steps above, you may think your house looks a little plain. After all, you’ve gotten rid of all personal decorations, painted the walls a neutral color, and cleared out a lot of your belongings.

Adding a natural element can make your home appear welcoming and lively without being too personal. So, consider placing a vase full of flowers or a bowl of fruit in the kitchen. Air fresheners are another great touch, as long as they aren’t too overpowering.

Best Tips to Prepare Your Home for Selling

Don’t sell your home without properly preparing it first. Just follow the guide above to ensure your home looks it’s very best. From improving your curb appeal to adding a natural element, there are plenty of tips to prepare your home for selling.

Do you want some inspiration to help decorate your new home? Then check out the rest of our blog today!