It is probably the most important expensive and durable purchase that you will ever make in your life, it is a mood setter, the shelter you would always love above your mind palace – A HOME.

A house is the place of peace but buying one is not the same. Buying a home can be one of the most tricky parts of your life which might take your peace away, so here are 5 major tips that can make your House Hunting Smooth.

1.Know your budget and priorities:

It is firstly very important to know how much are you financially ready to invest in your house. Also along with the budget, there should be a wish list of what you desire from your new place. For example, when I shifted to Jaipur, my priorities were flats in Mansarovar. Similarly, you can have yours. Jot down all the points considering the budget, involve your family in the process of making the wish list. Make sure that while you make the wish list, you also envision the distant future so that the home you are looking for makes it a long-term adobe to fulfill your wishes.

2.Be choosy, don’t shy:

It will be your adobe for maybe for a lifetime, so be choosy and don’t shy away for asking the things that you have listed in your wish list. It would be rather better to convert your wish list into a checklist. Tick against the wishes, and if somewhere you are doubtful about even the minutest of the things, raise your concern and sort it. Make points for the doubtful things and for also the things that were an add-on to your wish list. See if the property has the feasibility to have some minor changes if required.

3.Make a Comparison sheet:

After a dozen house seeing there will exist a lot of confusion of what will be a better place for you to permanently reside. So, it is desirable to make a comparison chart with your priorities listed in importance from top to bottom. This will make it easier for you to decide before making the correct decision. Also, this will make it easier for you to discuss with your family of why a certain house is chosen over the other.


Once you have sorted the top picks from all the houses you have seen over the period of time, make trips to the locality over different parts of the day. See the weather during the evening are the children playing around? Are people coming out for walks? This will help you ensure that the place you might be shifting in is lively and friendly and also safe and secure over the different parts of the day. Also, take a round of the house at different hours, this will help you know the natural lighting over the period of the day.

5.Be Patient:

Maybe the most important part of the house hunting process is to be patient and keep calm. Rushing into buying a home can result in missing upon the details that you might have preferred in your new house. Take your time and look for properties, the more you explore the more you get to know. This also helps you open your mind over the financial situation of the market, which will later help you haggle your way to a better deal thus saving you some money to add up to your wish list.

The search for a new home is always an exciting new experience, these tips might help you make this exciting experience a streamlined one too. Plan ahead else you’ll be kicking yourself around for the things that should have been foreseen. I hope this article helped you to make your house hunting more planned and easy. In case of any query feel free to contact us through comments below. Happy house hunting!.