The average house sells in just 65 days. But before you can put it on the market, you need to get the house ready for prospective buyers.

Nothing helps more than investing in a pre-listing home inspection.

The inspection is often considered one of the buyers’ responsibilities. But it doesn’t have to be.

In fact, handling the inspection yourself can help make the sale easier, faster, and more pleasant. Sounds good, right?

Well, read on to learn a few of the surprising ways a pre-listing inspection can help you sell your home fast.   

1. It Gives You a Chance to Make Repairs

When you’re selling a house, most homebuyers expect it to be in great condition. This means no major repairs or fixes.

By having a home inspection before putting your house on the market, you’re able to take control of those repairs.

You’re free to find contractors that will do the work at the best price rather than rushing to get them done before the closing date. And you’re able to decide what you’re willing to let slide versus what needs doing immediately.

This makes your home more marketable and attractive to more buyers.

2. It Takes the Stress Out of Setting the Asking Price

Asking prices can be tough to figure out. You want it to be fair, but you also want to make money on the sale.

When you have an accurate idea of what your home is worth, it’s easier to set the asking price. And you’ll have the inspection report to show to any interested homebuyers.

The more competitive the price is, the more tempting it will be to buyers.

3. It Can Spare You the Stress of Negotiations

Negotiations happen in almost every real estate deal. And the most common reason is trying to convince the seller to lower their asking price or pay for repairs revealed on the inspection report.

What’s worse is those negotiations take a lot of time and time costs you money.

If you’ve already taken care of those major issues, buyers will have less leverage in negotiations. They may even avoid them altogether!

4. It Shows Off the Good Parts of Your Home

Home inspection reports don’t just point out the negative aspects of your home. They detail the good things, too.

You can use this to justify increasing your asking price or help make your home stand out in the market. The more attractive your house is, the faster it will sell. If you’re not sure what good points an inspection will show, the folks at can help.

5. It Can Win Over Conflicted Buyers

Sometimes, buyers aren’t ready to make a decision quickly. And the more clarity you can give to the sale, the better.

Showing off your pre-sale home inspection report shows that you have nothing to hide. The buyers know exactly what they’re getting and this transparency can help win them over.

The more open you are with buyers, the more confidence they’ll have in buying your house.

A Pre-Listing Home Inspection is a Wise Investment

Selling a house is stressful enough. Schedule a pre-listing home inspection to help take some of the stress out of the process.

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