Are you thinking about building your next home? There’s a great appeal to doing so. Instead of searching for the market for something that meets most of your needs, you can instead get exactly what you want.

With this freedom comes responsibility, challenge, and a great deal of work. You need to know the laws and regulations, get the permits, find the right workers, and more.

However, it doesn’t have to be impossible. Keep reading to learn how to be your own general contractor.

Set a Plan

This is the most important step to having a smooth home-building experience. You need to have all the logistics laid-out before you even break ground. Know where your materials are coming from, what work you can do and what needs to be contracted out. What permits are necessary and when inspections need to be done.

There are a million and one variables involved in building a home. They can’t be addressed as they come up. This is a surefire way to overlook important steps.

Make sure that you have your finances in order, too. Whether you’re using savings, using owner builder construction loans, or whatever source you have, make sure the money is available. Having to halt construction at any point can cause more problems and cost more money.

Be Able to Communicate

You’re going to need to hire-out to subcontractors throughout the project. Save time and money by providing them with clear and concise instructions.

Knowing what you want and being able to communicate that will allow your subs to deliver on your needs. Before you meet with any of them, make sure you’re clear on what your needs of them are.

Go Shopping

Making your purchases beforehand gives you the buying power of shopping around. You’ll have many larger purchases to make. Negotiate prices when buying in volume. Make the sellers work for your business.

Providing materials to your subs saves you on costs, as well. It lets you choose exactly what you want while saving a service fee for having someone else get them for you.

Do Every Job You Can

Certain jobs require specialists. Don’t even think about handling the electrical work unless you are licensed to do so.

But anything you can do, you should do. Manage waste removal. Hang drywall. Lug materials to where they’re needed. Be available to run errands for your subs.

The more you do yourself, the less you have to pay someone else for.

How to be Your Own General Contractor

Knowing how to be your own general contractor is a great way to save money while getting the exact home you want. Just make sure you’re ready for.

The amount of work required means it’s not for the faint of heart. If the above fundamentals leave you feeling anxious then it may not be for you. 

If, however, it seems like a challenge you’re up for, have at it. It’s incredibly rewarding and will leave you with skills and experiences that you can’t get any other way.

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