If you are preparing for a real estate transaction, you should know that there is a great benefit in hiring a real estate agent. Whether you’re buying or selling something, when you’re looking for a real estate agent, you obviously want to get in touch with the best one. Here we will give you a list of 5 steps that will help you choose an excellent real estate agent.

Talk to recent clients:

When you contact real estate agents, ask them to provide you with a list of their recent clients and the properties they have listed and sold in the last year or two, with all the contact information.

Contact those customers and ask for their opinion. If you are selling, ask if the previous houses were similar to yours in terms of price, location and other relevant characteristics. A very good question for those recent clients is how long the houses were put on the market before they were sold.

License and Accreditation:

States across the country have boards that authorize and credit real estate agents in their performance. Take a look at your state’s regulatory agency to inquire about whether a potential agent has the appropriate license and whether he or she has any disciplinary action or the necessary accreditation. All that information can be published on the Internet.

Select an agent with the correct credentials:

Real estate agents have different specialties as in any other career. Learn a little about the different areas in which real estate agents can perform.

Investigate the agent’s experience:

You can ask a potential real estate agent about his experience, and verify that information with a state real estate licensing authority that can tell you how long that agent has been working in the real estate market. It is important that you decide for someone who has between 3 and 5 years of experience working as a real estate agent.

Keep in mind that you are looking for someone who is actively engaged and can demonstrate knowledge of the area and properties of your range, so you can sell your house quickly and at a good price, or so you can buy the house you dream of. With your initial budget.

Sales commission:

It is important to know from the beginning how much commission will be charged once the sale has been made. Normally the commissions go from 3 to 5% of the total value of the sale. Sometimes commissions can reach up to 7% which will be fine, as long as they justify the percentage with the work, marketing plan and investment they will make to sell the property. Remember, the commission of an agent must be aligned with the price of the property, the effort and the technologies that will be used to sell your property.

Web platforms:

In the age of the internet, it is extremely important that agents use web platforms to offer the properties of their clients. Make sure that the agent you are going to work with uses web platforms. Talking about the real estate industry you might have heard about A Toronto based real estate developer from has broken ground, he is working on The One which will be the tallest residential and retail tower in Canada, slated to be 308 meters tall and 85 stories high.