Home. What does it trigger inside you? Does it ring in panic or peace?

Peace. Most certainly! And if it elicits anxiety, time to get a letting agent 😉

Home is one’s abode for life and a place where a person spends most of his time. It surely is a great deal of emotional and financial investment hence decision must be taken wisely. Usually people think it to be a simple affair that can be entrusted with letting agent. But finding your dream home can be very excruciating especially if you are a novice. Looking out for prospective sellers who have property to sale in London is a full-time job.

Compiling few easy guidelines to make house hunt hassle-free and buying flats in London transparent (if not easy).

1.Make a list of Online Housing portals

There are many housing portals that provide specialized ssearch facilities and wherein you can find your dream property within your budget. Sites like Property Earth, Unmodernised, and PropertyAuctionAction, UK Land directory are some of the property websites that provide specialist services.

2.Get in touch with a realtor

One of the main problems faced by buyers is their lack of knowledge on property matters. If you are a novice, do not hesitate in taking the help of a realtor who intensive knowledge of matters has related to property. Make a list of questions and clear your doubts at the earliset.

3.Physical inspection of the property

Before giving a green signal to any property, make sure to inspect the property physically by all means. Ask for original property papers, check for mortgage if any and any arrears. Sometimes proper view of the property is not possible at daytime so take a quick tour of the property at night. Keep a tab on neighborhood areas and also the security aspect.

4.Check for house utility services in vicinity

Before moving into any property you should check for house utility services like laundry, janitor services, washing, club area and grocery store. These services are foremost to survival and hence shouldn’t be overlooked. A densely populated area is always preferred to isolate one because of accessibility to utility shops.

5.Check for mobile signals in the premise

A bad mobile network can ruin your housing experience. Carry along your mobile phone on physical inspection of property and check for mobile signals. See you do not have to struggle for a good network else switch the mobile operator or the home.

6.Check for basic services like hospital, oil station, and schools

What do you look for in a home before making the big move? Basic amenities in the locality, right? It is advisable to search for nearby schools, hospitals, oil station and other services so you do not have to regret later. You can also search on Google maps and decide beforehand whether to search house in a particular area or not.

7.Verify the credentials of the owner

This is very important from investment point of view. Take all the original papers and documents related to the property and get them vetted by local attorney. See that there no rent arrears or loan on the property. Financial scams are on an all-time high so stay alert. You may take the help of a legal practitioner.

8.Authenticate the documents from local offices

After checking the documents yourself, get them cross checked at the local offices. This is advised to prevenjt any financial fraud on part if seller. Buying a property in London is not easy and before investing hefty amount, be double assured.

9.Trust your instincts

Sounds clichéd, but go by your gut feeling when you are buying home. Of a home gives positive vibes and you feel peaceful; the property is a safe bet for you. If there is an inch of doubt about buying a property delay the process and verify the credentials again.