Most people think that if they are capable of nailing their SEO, it is alright if their writing quality comes second. However, you need to change your mind because currently, an engaging copy is considered to be much better than Search Engine Optimization. The standards of Google demand quality; useful and engaging copy over a number of other factors that include, optimizing the content, optimizing the images, and ensuring that the website is mobile friendly. If you do not have a proper idea as to how you can build a better conversion copy, you can consider the tips that are mentioned below.

Structuring the copy as if you are building your house

You cannot think of all the major points that you want to insert in your copy as the separate entities. This is a huge mistake that is committed greatly. You should link all the ideas in a proper and coherent manner. It should be similar to building your house. First, you have to write a catchy introduction and when you are moving from one section to another, the points that are there should be connected to each other.

You can use transition phrases, explain how the different pointers are related to one another, and move from the points that are least complicated to those that are more complicated so that your reader is capable of building knowledge about the topic.

Understanding the awareness level of the target readers

You need to understand that the visitors who are visiting your page have different awareness levels about the problem and the solution that you are providing. For providing an effective copy, you have to map the content in accordance with the kind of reader awareness that you are looking forward to target. To know more, you can visit

Spend more time crafting the introduction

Crafting the introduction is as important as the other factors that help in creating compelling and useful content, which is capable of conversion. You can follow the simple techniques that are listed below to create a beautiful introduction.

  • Put the opening sentence in a single line.
  • Self-edit in a ruthless manner and ensure that there are no filler words.
  • Take care that all the sentences are direct, clear, and most importantly, concise.
  • Mention the “why” without wasting any time and explain why the readers should care about reading the particular copy.

Breaking the content

It is important to break the content so that it looks more user-friendly. You should focus on short paragraphs and line breaks. A lot of white space should be revolving around the entire content. A few markers should be taken care of, which include:

  • Headings
  • Sub-headings
  • Bulleted and numbered list
  • Bold and Italic text

Using impact sentences for closing the copy

Your conclusion should be in the readers’ mind for a long time so that it can create an impact. If you are not able to create an impact with the help of your conclusion, your content will not be able to do anything. Ensure that your conclusion is compelling enough to allow the readers to take an action or think deeply.


You need to understand that SEO will be nothing without a user-friendly and a high-quality copy. If you understand and consider the tips that are mentioned above, you will surely be able to create a great copy.