With so many brands sprouting online daily, gaining visibility can be a challenge. Naturally, some of those brands will vanish as quickly as they appeared but taking care of your search engine rankings requires constant work and a carefully tailored SEO strategy. 

Studies show that our brains process images 60,000 times faster than text which is a clear indicator of the area your SEO strategy needs to focus on. With that in mind, here are 5 tips for your visual SEO strategy that will boost your brand’s visibility in these highly competitive times.

Update your content frequently 

Before considering the additional elements you can add, it is essential to update the present ones. Although you need to strike a balance regarding the frequency, in general, the more often you post, the more search engines will check up on you. This is a good SEO strategy because if you are active, Google will check you often and see you as a trustworthy source. 

However, your marketing team will have neither the inspiration nor the time to create new content that often so a strategy you can use is to update or recycle the existing content. For instance, you can take an old blog post and turn it into a video or infographic: you will breathe new life to it and contribute to improving your ranking. Additionally, your audience will be grateful for the digested version of a useful piece of writing. 

Use videos to convey a message

If you have a message to convey or a story to tell, then the video is your go-to format. There are many reasons why it needs to be a mandatory part of your SEO strategy. To begin with, it attracts attention quickly which is vital in the business world in which you have a short period to entice your audience to stay and convert.

If you were to choose between a long text and a 3-minute video, you would probably choose the video because it won’t take too much time to get to the point. Since it combines images and sound, people tend to remember the messages, stories, and content of videos and this is why they will linger on your website or social media channels. A low bounce rate makes all the difference in your SEO efforts, videos are a great tool for climbing the ranking ladder. 

Leverage the power of infographics

There are instances in which we cannot play a video (e.g. when we are at work), we don’t have time to watch it, and also, not all people are attracted to videos – these are all reasons to introduce infographic into your visual SEO strategy. 

Infographics are remarkably effective because they take the best out of two worlds, that is, text and images, and combine it. This allows, if done right, for complex notions or processes must be presented in a simple and engaging manner. Since they are such a powerful tool, many businesses hire experts, such as Infostarters, to tend to their infographics and ensure they take advantage of all that they offer. And it’s not just infographics, they can help you make sure your visual identity is consistent across e-books, brochures, illustrations, and any format that features visual elements.

Trendy visual content inspires sharing

The idea is simple: the more people share your content, the more they raise awareness about your brand and products. Everything starts with a quality piece of content and from that point on, it can spread like wildfire without you having to put extra effort into making it happen.

If you lead an active online life, like most people nowadays do, you will have no problem noticing the current trends and with some research, you will also be able to find the rising trends. Some of them are a spur of the moment things, so you need to take advantage of the situation as soon as you can or otherwise, your brand will seem outdated. It can be a picture or a video, but keeping an eye on viral social media activities and participating in them is something that will attract attention to your brand. 

Consider adding comics

If you enjoy the imagery of infographics, you will most probably enjoy adding comics to the game plan, naturally, if they fit in your brand identity. For instance, if you are offering financial services and your target audience are adults who are interested in politics and global financial occurrences, chances are they might see your brand as unprofessional if you include comics.

However, if your brand doesn’t have such a ‘strict’ audience, introducing comics can boost your traffic because most people find them a highly entertaining manner of presenting something. While some websites are entirely comics-based, others don’t rely on them at all, which is all the more reason to try their efficiency related to your SEO efforts.

Wrapping up

Images, comics, infographics, videos – you have many visual tools at your disposal to make your brand stand out among many. Of course, not all of them would go hand in hand with your brand but the best part is that you can play around and combine them until you are satisfied with the results.