Aged domains are the web addresses that have been expired or not used for a period. They refer to the past websites which now have been discontinued, and an expired domain refers to the domain name that hasn’t been renewed by the owner. Once the owner fails to renew the domain credentials after seven days of expiry, it is now time for the bidders to bid. To become the new owners of the domain, the highest of the bidders gets the domain.  

The perceptive behind buying an expired web address is because the domain still have the SEO value. May be they holds their former search rankings, which can be used in several ways. Moreover, the age factor adds many fruits for the new owner such as if a domain that has been around for several years has many backlinks which adds to the profitability of the web address since the aged domain had grown over its life. 

Hence clever people tend to buy an aged domain name for several reasons as stated below.

For Site’s Authorization:

As far the domain name authority is concerned, which basically come only with time, an aged domain name is your way to go with. If you plan to build a new site that could be, say, any site you will have to work much harder to develop its authority. You must work on new content and should provide some genuine backlinks, however the domain authority could be only achieved as time passes. So, with an aged web address you are lucky to have the SEO values and the already established backlinks.

Trusted by Search Engines:

One of the importance and a positive aspect of the aged domain is that they are recognized by the search engines. They already have some definite ranking on the engine’s database, which attracts the buyer’s eyes.  

Traffic Redirect to Site:

Redirecting the aged domain name to your original website will help you avoid the extra process of making a mini-website and will transfer the link juice from the aged domain to your original site. This process refers to as 301 redirect. The logic is that the aged domain has a higher SEO value due to the backlinks it had generated over its life span.

Sell it for Revenue:

Buying older domain name from auction can be a potential business nowadays. This concept is referred as Domain Flipping, which is a full-time business too. You will need to look for the expired domain names and be part of the auction process, claiming a reasonable bid for the expired domain that has a definite age. Once the domain is yours, continue to increase the SEO value of the site and its rankings. Make sure you work hard enough to boost the page ratings and rankings on the search engines, which is the result of developing backlinks for your site. Of course the time passing also adds value to your site which is the age factor of your site since the age of the domain matters in building trust and value.