What is SEO, and why do you care about it?

You care because Search Engine Optimization helps gets your content seen. According to the SEO Tribunal, 67,000 searches are made every second.  Did you realize it was that many? The more likely you pay attention to SEO, the likelier you will increase the number of people that will work with you.

You went to law school, you know the law, you know how to serve your clients, and now someone in your firm wants you to write a blog.

So, how do you stand out from the rest of your law firms in your area? How do you become the go-to firm when someone wants to get a lawyer?

So, here are

5 Critical SEO Solutions to Help You Gain Visibility

1. Create Content Strategy

What are your areas of practice? What type of content do you want to focus on? Keep it simple. I suggest you pick 1 to 3 areas of focus for your content strategy. Then, decide if you will share how to, before and after, lessons learned, and behind the scenes. This will help you narrow it all down for content strategy.

 2. Identify Key Words

Keywords are helpful for so many reasons. It helps you not only stand out to gain visibility, but it also helps you focus your writing. For example, the keywords for this article are “SEO Solutions”. You may also love to use amazing SEO tools like to help simplify identifying keywords for you. This could be something like “How to Identify an Amazing Attorney” to put into a tool to get more ideas for future articles. Who said attorneys aren’t creative?

 3. Internal Links

Internal links help people stay engaged within your own website or blog. When you write on your page, you should definitely connect on pages internally. There are more examples of this within our blog. Are your wheels turning and you want even more on developing SEO strategies, definitely explore on our website.

4. External Links

You want to engage readers, and you want them to stay on your website. At the same time, you want to create credibility and authority. Often times, that means connecting related external sources. This is done not only to enhance your actual article but to also increase your visibility and exposure via google. You may do this with various tools to help you add value and practical implementation at the same time.

5. Keep Learning

It is important you keep learning. Like anything else, things evolve. SEO is no different. Within our content, you may find countless pieces for SEO to help you learn, as well as numerous other helpful topics.

5 Critical SEO Solutions

In summary, create a content strategy, identify keywords, place internal and external links, and keep learning. These 5 Critical SEO Solutions will help you gain visibility and credibility in every way. These solutions will also help you become clearer in communication both in writing and verbally. Please comment or explore more useful tips with us with SEO solutions.