Backlinks help websites rank higher in Google searches. They show that other websites value your content, services, and products. But, adding backlinks isn’t an easy endeavor. The best link building services find opportunities for websites to improve their rankings in Google by sharing their URLs with other companies and sites.

Price Range for Backlinks

The price range for backlinks depends on how many your company needs. The more links, the more you’ll spend each month to access and maintain them. You’ll want to set a price per link, then find companies that are willing to accept that fee for their services. Once you’ve determined the value of each link, you can expect to pay between $100 and $20,000 monthly.

Pricing Models

The price you pay will also be dependent on third-party metrics for domain ratings (DR) or domain authority (DA). These ratings show the value of the link, as websites with higher DR or DA have more users and visitors.

Those high ratings help your website rank higher on Google. A high DA or DR value means that users value the products, services, and content. Most websites with high DA or DR values mean the website is a recognizable household brand.

Pricing models based on DR and DA are commonplace, and the links for highly rated sites often cost between $100 and $1,500 per link. Since highly rated websites have constant visitors, you’ll get plenty of organic traffic by paying for backlinks with them.

Breaking Down the Cost of Backlinks

Finding and maintaining backlinks might seem like a simple thing. You ask a website to share a link to your website and they add it. However, the process is time-consuming and complicated. Building backlinks is a full-time job, which greatly affects the cost of each backlink to your company.

Link Building Manager

People who do this job often make between $40,000 and $80,000 annually to manage your company’s link-building strategy. If you do the work in-house, you’ll need one person to do this job. If you hire an agency to manage your backlinks, the agency might have several managers who develop backlinks for several companies.

Link Building Assistant

The managers usually have one or more assistants who help the manager with reaching out to companies with high DR and DA ratings. They usually make about $30,000 annually, and you might need two of them in your organization.

Blog Writer

Backlinks usually connect to high-quality content, so someone has to write this for you. A blog writer with top skills usually makes about $50,000 or more annually. You can have a writer in your company, or you can hire a freelance writer to do the work for you. Crafting quality blog posts doesn’t come cheaply, especially if writers are drawing people to your site.

Cost Per Link

Companies will expect you to pay them to link to your site. You’ll need about $25,000 to get good backlinks that draw visitors to your site.