Have you ever stuck while growing Facebook Fan Page? In this article we will discuss How you can increase Facebook Fans and these tips are really working so this article is going to be worth for you…

Facebook has about 2.23 bilion monthly active users worldwide, and has the potential to take your blog to success. But all depends on How you use it and hence what is the result you are getting.

So now its a good time to examine your Facebook activities, to see what is working and what is not. Only then you can increase followers = better results.

This time, I present 10 ways to increase followers on Facebook, without spending much time:

1 – Add the box “Like” on your Blog


This is the best way to get followers, and moreover adding the “Like” on your Blog, generates free exposure. This option generates very good results on Blogs with little traffic.

2 – Link your Social Profiles


This is to link all your Social Profiles and accounts. You must place a link to your Facebook page:

Your Twitter account
Your personal Facebook profile
Your YouTube Channel
Your Google+ account
Your Personal Blog
Make sure your friends, followers or audience knows your Facebook Fan Page.

3 – Add Call to Actions in the content of your Posts


This tactic is very effective. Being Bloggers we keep on writing articles on various topics. Place the call (Like button) at the end of the post or in the middle section. Never put the beginning as it is less effective.

4-Interact with other site managers


This is a tactic of “Networking”, which is to interact with other bloggers, and propose cross-promote Facebook pages. Where you promote the other’s Facebook Fan Page and they promote yours. This promotion takes place on Facebook, not on blogs.

5 – Share original content


The Content is the King, universally.

NO matter the medium, platform or type. If the content you share with your audience is of quality, they will like and share it either on your blog or any other platform (Facebook).

6 – Share content on your Personal Profile Page


Many times your friends forget your Facebook page therefore eventually share your Page Updates on your profile to remind them of their existence, and also get greater visibility.

You can do it by I like in a publication of your page (using your personal profile), inviting them to share updates or go directly to your page.

7 – Add a link in your Email Signature


An effective way to attract followers is to include a link to your Blog’s Fanpage in your Email signature. So people notices them more quickly and contacts you.

8 – Discuss “carefully” on other pages


This way you can give more exposure to your Facebook page with a particular audience. Actively Discuss on other popular Blog’s Fanpages using your page identity.

9 – Promote your page offline


You can also promote your page offline. Invite all people around you: friends, family, colleagues, etc.. No one is better than the followers you know personally.

How to apply this strategy:

You can add the address of your Facebook page in your Business Cards
Small signs or ads in your business

10 – Use a Popup


There is controversy in the blogosphere regarding the popup, as some consider annoying and intrusive. But, nonetheless, are one of the best ways to generate conversions.

Most blogs use them to promote their mailing lists, but you can also use them to promote your Facebook page.