Are you looking to launch your new brand? Or are you aiming to increase your brand’s followers on social media?

Taking your business to the next level is challenging. You need to create a solid marketing strategy that will reach more people through social media.

Let’s take Instagram (IG) for example. Today, it has more than 1 billion monthly active users globally. So if you wish to take your brand to the next level, you need to have an effective Instagram marketing strategy.

You need to become an IG influencer.

Check out our Instagram marketing strategy guide that will help you become a hit on IG.

Instagram Marketing 101: Doing It the Right Way

Becoming an Instagram influencer begins with laying the foundations. Your goal is to reach as many people as possible. You also want to organically grow your brand’s IG account.

Check out these nine valuable tips and see your brand take off.

Start with Your Bio

It all starts with having a solid bio. Sure, you already have a business name and a website to show for. But these are not enough.

Your bio serves as your means to make a strong first impression. You have 150 characters at your disposal. Use them wisely by explaining who you are and what your brand is all about.

Keep things short and clear. Use simple words. Use line breaks to separate your text.

Be concise with your message. Use emojis that will help establish a tone for your brand.

Don’t forget the “call-to-action” part. This will guide your visitors concerning their next steps to take.

Upload the Right Photo

As an Instagram influencer, you should upload the right profile photo. Like the bio, your photo is also your way of creating a strong first impression.

Use a photo of yourself carrying one of your products. If your followers see you carrying or using a certain product, this will entice them to try it out for themselves.

Make sure your photo is clear. It should show your face clearly and project you positively.

Create Your Own Look

You also want to create a unique look for your IG account. The key is to remain consistent.

Yes, you will post different kinds of content. But you need to establish visual consistency.

This will help your followers and visitors recognize you faster. The goal is to make IG users stop and click your account whenever they scroll the platform.

Use a Business Profile

As an influencer, you want your target market to use your product. The same goes if you are promoting any product in particular.

Switch to a business profile. This will give you access to different Instagram tools that make it easier for your audience to reach you. For example, your followers can get in touch with you by simply hitting the contact button.

You should also learn how to check Direct Messages (DM) on IG using your desktop computer.

With a business profile, you can also publish Instagram ads without using any of the advertising tools of Facebook.

Simply go to “settings” and hit “Switch to Business Profile.”

Content is King

This is no doubt one of the most crucial Instagram marketing tips you will ever hear. Much like in your company’s website, Instagram content is also king.

Your goal is to create compelling content. This is the type of content that will capture the attention of your followers and visitors.

Start by using text-based content. These can be quotes from important people related to your niche. You can also post some interesting stats and facts.

You can also highlight reviews coming from happy customers.

Another effective tool is using behind-the-scenes shots. Here, you can introduce some of the people you work with. You can also post pictures of yourself while in your office doing your stuff.

Engage with Your Target Market

Alongside compelling posts, you should also use engaging content. One great example is using photos coming from other IG users.

You want to reach out to your followers in a more personal manner. By posting the content that they send you, you are somewhat fostering a stronger connection.

At the same time, you will get to influence other people into using your products. If they see photos of common people using your items, they will likely try out your products as well.

Moreover, don’t forget to use catchy hashtags. IG users love to use hashtags. Select trending hashtags whenever you post something.

But make sure to use only three to five hashtags on average. Make these hashtags relatable to your audience.

This is also an effective way for people to find your content faster.

Join a Network

You should also consider joining a social media network. Joining a network is like a give-and-take thing. Basically, you will promote the campaigns of the network; in turn, you will make extra money from collaborating.

The more collaboration projects you take, the more exposure you and your brand get.

Establish Partnerships

As an Instagram influencer, you need to partner with other influencers. Choose the ones who are already in the business much longer than you are.

Partnering with these established influencers is like promoting your brand to more people faster.

Track, Track, Track

Last but not least, you need to keep track of how your Instagram account is doing. Metrics is crucial if you want to improve the performance of your account.

Start by tracking the growth rate of your followers. Track the number of impressions too. This refers to the number of people who checked your posts.

Since you are using a business profile, use the Instagram insights feature. This is s built-in tracker that gives you an overview of how your account’s metrics are doing.

Conquer Other Platforms Too!

Through these valuable Instagram marketing tips we discussed, you can work your way to becoming an effective influencer.

But why settle for IG when you can also conquer other platforms?

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