Around 92 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn as part of their recruitment process. 89% of the recruiters have hired resources through LinkedIn and in some companies, 57.8% of employees are hired through LinkedIn only. With that sort of reach and opportunities, you simply do not afford to take LinkedIn not-so-seriously. LinkedIn is a serious business now when you know that 30 thousand long posts are available on LinkedIn every week; 41% of them are millionaires; 107 million users are from the US alone.

Almost all of us have created a LinkedIn account either we use it or not. No, I am not spying on you. See the stats: LinkedIn has about 500 million users with 332 million active members. In this article we are going to discuss about  how to make  a great LinkedIn Profile?

The main reasons why we make our LinkedIn profiles:

1.    To find an awesome job.

2.    To get some extra money.

3.    To build a network of like-minded people.

Considering one of the most important mistakes people make on LinkedIn is questioning that having a profile is enough or not. Reviews show that less than one 0.33 of customers put up as a minimum once according to month, suggesting that the majority of people create their profiles after which they occasionally add new connections. That is a wasted opportunity! Why? Because LinkedIn offers treasured actual property to updates.

How can we create a prominent LinkedIn that stands out?

What to post on LinkedIn?

As soon as we log into LinkedIn your contacts get taken to their newsfeed which is then loaded with their latest updates. That is, in fact, the best practice to stay in front of everyone’s mind. The high-quality strategy for LinkedIn is to think sensibly and decide for yourself what kind of updates you want and what percentage.

I predominantly suggest going with a pre-decided theme for all your updates. Think what your networks would like to read about. What can be helpful for you and your community? Here are some suggestions for posting content on LinkedIn:

Industry Related News:

You attended a conference and learned something from there. You can share your experience and whatever you have learned in pointers or whatever is feasible.


You read the latest research, news related to your common interest in the business, technology updates, or an e-book and learned something. Great! It would be even more awesome if you share a paragraph or two with your LinkedIn network. 


You come across an inspirational story or an amazing quote or heard something motivational that stimulated you. It can also do the same for others. Share it!

Personal Experience:

You have your own private project or run your small or medium-sized business. Sharing your first-hand experience with some details about it is an amazing idea. It will give your network an idea about you as a person besides what you do professionally. 


LinkedIn has a section dedicated to “Recommendations” in which they let us give and receive recommendations from colleagues, bosses, or anyone in our networks in a written form. You can recommend someone from your network by endorsing their skills too.


Either you are eyeing on a certain type of connection or job. If you need any kind of assistance like quick advice; you can simply post about it and your connections can help you out in a more effective manner than any of our friends – perhaps by simply tagging or redirecting you to someone more relevant for the advice or query.

Make a Policy for Liking Posts in Your Newsfeed

We make connections on LinkedIn to build a strong community and community is all about maintaining and strengthening the network. Connecting with a person after attending a networking event is a good move. You want to stay on top of their mind and building a lasting connection. For getting there, you got to engage. Every time you scroll up LinkedIn newsfeed, take a few seconds and ‘like’ a few recent posts from your newsfeed. Be selective about this; don’t just like everything you see and end up liking all the posts. Why? That is a distinguished communication activity. You can later quote about it when you meet them or follow up on next article. Especially, if you like what they posted, then you definitely can communicate about that article next time you see them. This is how you will become a conversation starter and liker. Engaging with other people’s posts balances out your image as a professional in three approaches:

i.    It will bring your name on top of your connections’ newsfeeds so you will stay related in their minds.

ii.    It shows recruiters who go through your profile that you are active and take interest in other activities too. 

iii.    When you have an interaction with some interesting yet inspiring content. There is a new section that appears on top of your profile that shows your recent activities. The purpose behind staying active is, whenever people take a look at this section of your profile, they will see the recent updates.

Take It Further Than Your Resume

–    Quite a lot of people misinterpret the fact that their LinkedIn profile is only a digital or virtual display for their resumes. It is a part of the story but it is not the complete story which holds a lot more than that. Besides the summary and professional experiences; visitors appreciate the sections that most people consciously fill out on their profiles. Since there is some additional information there in dozens of different sections that showcase your interests and accomplishments in precise areas that aren’t featured together with your job descriptions.

–    Filling out your profile and giving it a complete look now not only helps the recruiters who are searching for you, but it also makes LinkedIn more likely to display your profile in ‘search results’. LinkedIn endorses the profiles which are ‘complete.’

–    It’s roughly projected that about 50.5% of LinkedIn users make an effort to fill out each section. That means one 1/2 of LinkedIn profiles are failing to utilize the platform to its full capacity.

–    If you scroll the newsfeed to look at the rest of the profile, all you would see is more quantity of jobs within more uncluttered descriptions and some skills and abilities. We recognize the man or woman is a local director at Starbucks, and are given a very blurry idea of what that involves. Nonetheless, without a summary or some other sections filled out, we grasp nothing about who the individual is and why we would need to connect with him.

–    Fill out each and every single section on your LinkedIn profile. In case you assume which you have no applicable accomplishments or sports beyond your task experiences, first re-evaluate the reserved tasks you’ve got worked on. Probability is, you proved a treasured skill and/or applicable aspect of your standards that you may list in your profile. Nonetheless, the struggle to provide with additions that are your cue to get concerned with additional activities that can push your career ahead.

Here are a few simple ways to take some actions and evaluations that can add value to your LinkedIn profile:

–    Take a course that advances your skillset. Could be the most generic one, for interpersonal intelligence and mastering the art of communication. That will stay with you forever.

–    Volunteer with a local company that supports your professional expertise or fulfills any long lost passion.

–    Be a part of the core team of a nonprofit organization that would use your expert knowledge.

–    Take part in competitions associated with your personal and/or professional life. Even if you lose the first few, you’ll gain new abilities and probably make valuable connections during the experience.

For an instance, if you are an entrepreneur, participate in business plan or ideas sort of competitions; if you are a programmer, take part in code demanding situations offered by way of systems including Codechef and Topcoder; or in case you’re in advertising or Marketing, input competitions hosted by way of professional societies, including the society for advertising and expert services. No matter your field and domain, there are doable approaches to earn repute and get recognized. You can start by searching for competitions about your industry.

Avoid Using Buzzword

This tip is endorsed by the LinkedIn experts. During research conducted in the UK, where 31,000 profiles were scanned for a study. They discovered and then shared the ten most overused marketing buzzwords on resumes and profiles. You want to distinguish yourself from the opposite experts on your enterprise. Here are the pinnacle ten most overused buzzwords and what you can update them with:

Be a Good Addition

One of the great methods to bring your information or understanding to attention is not the simplest to submit approximately but also to touch upon other people’s posts. I call this being an ‘adder’ rather than a ‘subtracted.’ For example, if you see something good like or comment – it will literally be endorsed and will be seen by many in your networks.

Request Smart

One of the most satisfactory components of LinkedIn is including those connections who can be folks you met in actual life, colleagues, or new contacts. The way you request someone to connect on LinkedIn is extremely critical. Here are a few pleasant practices for adding people as connections.

•    Send a private message while sending the connection request!

•    Tell the individual how you already know them or maybe why you want to get connected with them.

•    Don’t send connection requests to people you don’t know or don’t have a valid or strong reason to need to know you.

•    If they decline your request for now not knowing you, it will be marked as junk mail.

•    After having some of your requests marked as spam, LinkedIn will restrict you from attempting to connect with more people.

•    Tell them why you want to add them to your network connections.

•    You can import your email contacts and add them to your list.

Forgetting to do this may cause some people to say no to your request due to the fact they don’t know what to expect from you in the experience that they will be given. Make sure your reason is clear-cut to the man or woman you are adding to your list. Standard motives show security of the effort.

Your LinkedIn to-do list:

Here is a brief to do listing from this article that you may do together with your LinkedIn profile right now:

–    Add something additional in your next post.

–    Like a couple of updates from your newsfeed.

–    Update all the sections of your LinkedIn profile.

–    Switch those 10 buzzwords.

–    Import selective contacts from your address book – not all.

–    Revamp your plain and simple posts. Modify and add catchiness or remove them.

–    Shape your profile and don’t forget including contact information.

–    Write one article about your industry or interest.

The bottom-line is:

Once you successfully make your LinkedIn profile as per the market demands, your LinkedIn profile will be prominent amongst all; you will get noticed by professionals and eventually job offers as well as elevated networking. The key is to keep your profile active and updated on a permanent basis and for that make sure you have a stable internet connection. For me, my TV, internet and cable connection is from the same telecommunication provider ever since I started off as a recruiter and then CV builder. I found cox internet price the most competitive in the market and their service is totally steadfast.