Like Facebook, Instagram is an incredible tool to boost your store.

1.Use the locations

Like Facebook, Instagram allows people to add the location to your store every time they post a photo from your store.

Encourage your customers to add your location in your photos so that more people can find what you offer in your store.

Social media platforms– Instagram tagging

2.Make an Instagram campaign on Instagram

Instagram belongs to Facebook, so you can create your ads from the Facebook ad manager. If you have a Facebook page and your target audience is on Instagram, you can incorporate this platform to more easily reach your goal.

3.Use Instagram Stories to reach more millennial

Instagram is quite popular among the millennial. The  60.4% of Instagram users  are between 18 and 34 years. If you want to attract this audience, then you can create Stories  to promote your events, products or promote.

4.Do not forget to use hashtags!

Instagram hashtags can help you attract new customers. The  hashtags location – can help more people who are looking for your products or places in your location you are.

5.Check your direct messages on Instagram

Direct messages on Instagram can help you engage important conversations with your customers, with other locals or with influences.

Instagram: one of the social networks for your local business

Use Instagram to put yourself in front of your target audience and encourage them to visit your business:

Ask your visitors to tag your location in their photos

Create Instagram ads to increase visibility

Use the location hashtags so that more people find your content

Use direct messages to collaborate with other businesses, talk with your customers


Twitter can help you reach new customers. Restaurants, coffee shops, barber shops and gift shops have reported a greater number of visitors from their Twitter posts . How they did it?

1.Search for hashtags

If you want to appear in the Twitter search of your potential clients, then you need to add the correct hashtags. You can also join the conversation using popular hashtags in your location that are related to your brand.

2.Create ads on Twitter

If you already have a budget for your strategy, ads on Twitter can be a good investment. use the ads on Twitter so that more people visit your business, you can even create a landing page that offers an incentive to those who visit you.

Twitter monitoring

Use AgoraPulse to create searches on keywords and users and find key content for your business. You can discover people looking for your products, who are close to you or who are interested in knowing you.

3.Connect with similar businesses

As it is in the case of Instagram, the direct messages are great to find and connect with other local businesses, journalists, influences and collaborations in publications or promotions.

Use the hashtags in trend to appear in popular searches

Create ads on Twitter to reach users Use Twitter ads to drive traffic to a conversion-optimized landing page

It uses direct messages to connect with other local businesses, clients or journalists.

By using all above techniques you can grow you Instagram followers. No need to adopt tricky methods to increase followers like, buy Instagram followers, or pay high amount to advertise etc.