Choosing which social media platform to post on is a crucial point—upon sharing content, the number of active netizen users on a specific platform is essential for platform selection.

There are so many social media platforms growing in this generation esp. in this new normal era—people are more engaging with social networks for almost everything. It has now become a part of their daily life.

Are you wondering in which social network you should share content most frequently? Let us read further.

Why is social network important for business?

Nowadays, having an online persona is critical for every business organization. Many entrepreneurs fail primarily because of a lack of impact and participation on media platforms — which causes potential clients to switch to competitive products.

By producing great information on online communities, you may promote your products or services to potential clients. Thus, making your market more effective and captivating.

With this, selecting the right social network is essential.

Which Social Network should you post on regularly and why?

Before deep-diving into the topic, let’s take a look at the active user stats on popular social platforms in 2022.

PlatformActive User(Monthly)
Facebook2910 Million
Youtube2562 Million
Whatsapp2000 Million
Instagram 1478 Million
WeChat1263 Million
TikTok1000 Million
Snapchat557 Million
Telegram550 Million
Pinterest444 Million
Twitter436 Million
Data Source:

Most companies use social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and other social media platforms. However, according to market research, there is yet another social network that may give you spectacular results and effectively push your marketing to new heights, which is Twitter.

Twitter is often overlooked by marketers. Twitter garnered about 436 million active monthly users—as it provides you with a plethora of marketing strategies and chances to advertise your business directly to your intended audience. 

Twitter is one of the largest online social network populations, that alone provides you with a massive opportunity to capitalize on and market your business online. It provides comprehensive analytics and Twitter advertisements that are easy and straightforward to use for everyone. 

Your business will prosper online within a few days or weeks—if you boost your tweets, mention relevant individuals in your field, and publicize it through Twitter advertisements.

Posting Frequency on Twitter

Posting also has limits/day, as per the recommendation and suggestion—an average of 15 to 23 tweets a day and a minimum of once a day. A widespread agreement of 3 to 30 times each day is more useful, depending on whether included in top accounts. Because tweets have such a limited lifespan, it’s critical to promote them all day.

‘Missinglettr’ allows you to plan and track new blog articles to be tweeted out on various days and times throughout the year.

Tips to post on Twitter

Here is the list of recommended tips corresponding to posting or sharing content.

  • Select a Username That Represents Your Company/business so that the target audience will easily remember you.
  • Create an Effective Profile to show reliability and captivation towards potential clients. This includes a descriptive summary and coherent additional information.
  • Start following your target industry, as they will also follow back, eventually. 
  • Connecting to your audience is one key point to winning their confidence.
  • Keep your profile public instead—making it private significantly reduces your business exposure.