Gaining Instagram followers is becoming the new craze! Be it for personal branding or for gaining contracts for micro-influencers, Instagram users are on the roll.

With more than 75% of the users being under the age group of 35, it is turning out to be the new-gen passive income source.

Gaining quick followers over Instagram, in an organic way, is possible!

It is not as tough as it sounds.

With the right keyword research, efficient scheduling of posts, and the perfect audience segmentation, gaining followers is no big deal.

In this article, we shall explore some of the quick tricks to gain free Instagram followers and boost your page ranking!

Grab the reels before it goes obsolete:

Instagram reels can be the game-changer in 2021. With more audience shifting towards videos, short clips of 30 seconds can be a welcoming change!

Using Instagram reels gives you the opportunity to grab the attention of users in a small fraction of time. Moreover, with the ease of easily following the users, sharing the content, and gaining more views, reels are the kings of 2021.

What’s interesting is that a reel can be viral in no time! And that is when your account gains massive followers!

Make your Instagram profile optimized:

Just creating an Instagram profile and adding cool pictures might not land you at the top!

Because everyone has been doing it!

So, are you still thinking about how to get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes?

Here we reveal the ultimate secret!

It is all about an optimized profile. So, if you are using the proper hashtags in your posts or in your profile, you can be sure to attract users. Instagram’s algorithm has changed!

Now, even when the keyword is searched, your profile might pop up, even if the keyword is not in your bio.

If it has been used anywhere in your profile, it stands a chance for gaining views!

Isn’t it simply awesome?

Diversity, Inclusion, and Creativity:

With more content all over the internet, it is simply not awesome content that can drive followers. It is confirmed!

The push is towards content that shows diversity!

Diversity not only in terms of posts but also in terms of the content being created.

IGTV has rolled out the sub-title feature of Instagram! Making the best use of subtitles on Instagram videos is the first theme that you can take.

Moreover, standing for a cause is important. Posts that show that the influencers are trying to educate the people, truly count!

The influencers that care for society and wish to make a change are given a chance by Instagram to build their brand value.

So, if you wish to grow your follower base, make sure you support a cause!

Collab to grow faster:

Micro-influencers are slowly getting to the core of the Instagram business model

This is why collaborating with the growing influencers in your niche or cross-collaboration is the key!

Moreover, with the perfect ROI in mind, the reach and engagement can be generated, iff micro-influencers are preferred.

Self-promotion is the key to follower generation:

Do you know what works the best for generating followers? Word of Mouth!

If the content is authentic, relatable, and catchy, all you need to do is create a buzz!

Promote your content across numerous other platforms to ensure that your work is visible!

Connecting your Instagram account to Facebook, Twitter and TikTok is the first thing to do!

Follow it up with teaser videos and longer captions, with nearly 70 words to have an impactful post.

Bottom Line:

Growing a fanbase on Instagram is often challenging. Especially with the current competition, you need to stay on your toes.

No matter how many posts you do, it is very important to come live on Instagram! Interacting with your followers is important, especially after the pandemic. With mental health taking a toll, your followers will be delighted to have you close to them!

Have your own brand! Branded hashtags play a major role in creating an identity for you. Have one such hashtag, that drives traffic to your page, seamlessly!

Growing on any social media platform depends a lot on socialization, understanding the content people like, and being consistent with it.

Consistency works better than any other strategy ever. 

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