Interactive web design is the need of the day if you want to increase traffic to your business website. Social media platforms like Instagram play a vital role when it comes to bringing you a consistent flow of traffic. Experts in the field of website design state it is prudent for online businesses to create a synergy between web design and social media. If you wish to stay ahead of the online market competition, keep track of the latest developments in the field of web design helps.

How do logos help?

Logos are an integral part of website design. They carry your brand message and image. Your logo design must be interactive and appeal to the present and the potential customer. Social media platforms like Instagram have a high level of user engagement and activity. That is where logo design also helps. If you have a logo that strikes a high level of appeal and interaction with the user, you score high and can grab the competitive edge in the market.

The design of your business logo becomes the face of your company. The logo relates to the brands you market online. Often the logo needs to be adjusted so that it can connect to the new aesthetics of the brand. In some cases, if you wish to communicate with the audience, your whole website and logo might have to be changed.

Instagram and your business website

If you think of the levels of engagement your customers enjoy on Instagram, they expect the same from your business website as well. Instagram is the platform where you will attract the targeted audience to your company. Once they click on your business website and find it is simple and highly engaging, they instantly feel connected. In this way, you increase followers for Instagram.When visitors check your business website, they should get what they like. The blend of content and images should be well placed. The use of vacant spaces should be minimalist. Focus on the layout. The website design of your business site should not be there just for the sake of design. It should be well-balanced and placed. The website must be free from clutter if you wish to create a positive impression. If the user engagement on your site is excellent, present and, potential visitors will spend more time on your website. It reduces the bounce rate, and in most cases, these visitors are likely to become loyal customers and Instagram followers.

Therefore, when you are creating a logo for web design, keep the above in mind. Your logo is an integral part of web design that attracts targeted traffic and better lead conversions. Instagram has the power to bring in a massive influx of targeted customers as they are over 800 million users on this social media platform. Therefore, when it comes to logo design, get professional and ensure it increases website interaction so that you effectively double traffic and returns on investment in the process!