The technology that a business or professional uses directly affects the end product or service they provide. For a hardcore programmer, web developer, and other people with a start-up tech business to effectively do their jobs, they must have the right tools. This list of must-have items is just the tip of the iceberg, but they’re the essentials to get your business up and running. 

1. Computer

Yes, there’s a good chance you already have a computer. But if you’re starting a business with your existing computer, make sure it is up to par with your requirements. Developing a PC game with a computer that doesn’t support high-quality graphics won’t cut it, so invest in a computer (either a desktop or laptop) that allows you to perform your task as effortlessly as possible. 

2. Monitor

Most tech professionals choose between a larger widescreen monitor or a multi-monitor setup. Both offer a bigger workspace so more tasks are done simultaneously, but it often boils down to personal choice. What matters is the resolution and size. And if the job you have is graphics-heavy, color accuracy, aspect ratio, and refresh rates should be considered as well. 

3. Sturdy table

Working on just any table can be hard for anyone’s back. This is the reason many programmers choose adjustable standing desks since they are proven to be friendlier to the back and neck. Since most programmers and tech jobs tend to work extended hours, and sitting for several hours at a time has been deemed a health risk, standing desks encourage the user to move around. 

4. Ergonomic chair

Any standard computer chair won’t be enough. Now that there are dozens of ergonomic options available in the market that have been designed to cater to back and neck problems, why would you settle for less? Sure, ergonomic chairs tend to be more expensive, but it is the same as investing in a high-quality bed. You spend most of your day on that chair, so it’s okay to splurge. 

5. Mechanical keyboard and mouse

Mechanical keyboards aren’t just fancy keyboards. They’re more than that thanks to the technologies such as noise reduction, dynamic backlights, and other advanced settings not found in the traditional keyboard. 

When it comes to mouse options, it is always best to go with your preference: pick wireless or wired, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the ergonomics (so it fits comfortably on your hand) and precision (how accurate pinpoints are). 

6. DeviceLab

DeviceLab is an awesome tool for programmers, game developers, app developers, and other IT professionals whose job requires double-checking on all kinds of platforms. This “stand” keeps your tester devices organized and standing like a monitor, so everything is visible to the user’s eyes. 

7. Noise-canceling headphones or speakers

If your work or business is located in your home, noise-canceling headphones are a must because it keeps your concentration 100% even with noisy backgrounds. For businesses where speakers are more appropriate, such as game development, it is best to invest in branded speakers. 

8. Fortigis VPN router

Ideal for work-from-home setups, this router is an advanced router that keeps your connection super secured thanks to artificial intelligence and VPN.

9. Anti-fatigue mats

Sedentary lives are preventable even if you’re bound to your work PC for most of the day. Anti-fatigue mats like Flowboard are perfect for standing desks because they provide lumbar support, encourage foot positioning, and overall improve your body’s blood flow and circulation. 

10. Travel necessities

If your work involves on-the-field visits or remote work, you’ll need to invest in the following: 

Laptop battery

You need to be prepared with your laptop battery recharged for on-the-go jobs. Of course, the battery has to be compatible with your device.

External hard drive

If you’re moving from one office to the next and your projects cannot fit the cloud, a quality external hard drive is still the best option for file storage.

USB chargers and power bank

Powerbanks ensure your gadgets won’t go low-battery during workhours. If you’re near a plug, you can always use your USB charger to charge multiple devices at a time. 

Adapters for all your devices

Being caught without an adapter for your iMac or laptop while on the job isn’t just embarrassing, it wastes both your time because you’d most likely have to get your adapters from the office or home and back to the site. 

USB stick and Stick PC

If you need to transfer small files, a USB flash drive can still work. Some models are so advanced these days that they’re built to work as a CPU (yes, there’s an OS installed within the stick). 

Start with these essential items. Once you have extra funds, you can move on to your “wants” list with things like the Google Nest, Amazon Echo, or Raspberry Pi, which every programmer dreams of having, but isn’t necessarily required to jumpstart a business.