The planet’s population has crossed 6.5 billion and continues to grow per year by another 76 million. It could be tiresome to find the one you stumbled across yesterday at a club or locate your relative among such an infinite number of individuals. Over time and under certain conditions, you might have lost touch with your classmates and old friends. But the explosion in technical progress on the Internet is something we should take for granted.

 In essence, the Internet is a massive archive, filled with data points about humans. Today, it isn’t easy to find someone who hasn’t signed on to Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. Various sites use this information in different ways. This is what serves as the basis of many search engines’ working for finding people online by name. As a result, free access to social networks and public accounts for Anyone with a search engine.

Why use search engines to find people online, and are they safe?

People search engines keep the searches entirely secret from the public and all other members of their site. Coming to whether it’s legal or not, we can never fix the dilemma of all of us being cyber voyeurs, viewing and staring at other people’s personal information just because we can. But the usage of such search engines to find people by name shall not be misused in any case. Considering that you have no other way of contacting them, it’s not wrong to search for someone.

For example, you can use such search engines to find about the person you will rent your house to or hiring an intern in a multinational company. Not only do they help you find people’s social media, but they can even let you know if they have any felony history or detention records.

The following are the four best search engines to find people online by name, which are 100% secure.

List of 4 Best Search Sites:


Cityzor does a phenomenal job of finding people quickly. This medium is incredibly user-friendly as it has a straightforward interface, barely offering a chance to complain about it. It helps obtain basic info, such as email and home address, and get necessary details, for example, guilty history, marital records, age, employment history, possession of lands, and many more. The results can be accessed without any cost!

The thing you ought to do is open the website, fill out the information you have, and click the search button. With Cityzor you can easily find people online by name, phone, or address, any filter you like.


  • It keeps all your search results hidden and availed only to you.
  • The security and authenticity of the information they offer and searching for are 100% trustworthy.

Carolyn B. from Dublin says about Cityzor

Found the information needed to win a big contract with [a local organization]. Knew their history, their challenges, and the right person to talk to.”


It is one of the better-known sites too for searching for people’s details. By utilizing this site, you can find information about several users pretty easily at around the same time. Unlike some of the other search engines, Pipl is a non-free website. But to try the apparatus out, you still should start with an available trial.


  • It has allied with chief insurance and banking companies, as a result of which it provides more reliable results than any other website. As a consequence, you will be able to locate individuals as soon as possible.

3. US

US Search is the next platform you can test out, but only when you want to know about someone living in the USA. This website has a compact interface and is therefore user-friendly.


  • The site provides criminal history, background checks, property records, public documents, etc.


PeekYou scoops up a lot of information about the person you’re looking for by manipulating massive amounts of data. It is also one of the top free search engines used to find people online by name and location.


  • It provides you details about people by examining the entire World Wide Web.
  • Protects privacy.