On demand and streaming services have completely transformed the entertainment industry. In 2017 alone, on demand video brought in around $12.5 billion.

In the past, people had to organize their schedules around their favorite entertainment programs. In a world that is increasingly more complex, this became harder to do. On demand video is a more democratic approach — where people can control when and where they enjoy TV and film. 

On demand video is one of the great benefits of technological advancements. With the range of personal devices available now, you can stream practically anywhere.

To see the top benefits of on demand video, check out the guide below. 

1. It’s More Convenient

The number one benefit to most on demand video users is its convenience. Gone are the days of needing to be home to watch your favorite program. 

The only inconvenience some users encounter is occasional internet connectivity issues and streaming platform error codes. Even if you encounter the xfinity error code xre-03007, it’s still a lot more convenient than cable.

2. It Costs Less

Another one of the best benefits of on demand video is the cost. Compared to a cable package, it’s inexpensive. 

Cable users spend a whopping average of $85 a month. In comparison, on demand video can cost as little as $11 a month. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see which service is easier on your wallet.

3. It’s More Diverse

Television has a set lineup of programs that are organized according to what the administration of the channel believes is best. Channels usually have specific programs that suit their channel’s brand. 

Some viewers, however, don’t enjoy all the programs that channel administrators choose. With on demand video, a viewer can choose what program they want to watch from a diverse list of programs. 

You only need one on demand video service to find horror, comedy, romance, drama, or any other genre you like to watch. It’s a more democratic process that allows the viewer to have more control. 

4. You Can Use More Devices

The traditional TV set of the past is practically an antique. Not only can you watch your favorite programs at virtually anytime, but also on a range of devices. 

In the past, TiVo felt like a godsend. However, viewers still needed to be home and in front of their TV to watch their recorded programs. Now, viewers can watch their programs anywhere that they have an Internet connection.

5. It’s Ad-Free

Most consumers are tired of being bombarded with advertisements. They’re everywhere — on the street, in magazines, on the internet, and virtually anywhere you look. 

With on demand video, you can finally get a break from the advertisements. You pay a premium to avoid being a captive of ads.

More Benefits of On Demand Video

On demand video is about more than convenience — it’s about giving more power to the viewer. Services like Netflix often offer better cultural representation than the monopolizing Hollywood industry. 

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