The days of throwing up images and text on a website and calling it a day are over. Customers expect to see a good design when they visit a site. In fact, 48% of people use design to determine the credibility of a business.

It pays to know about the latest web design trends if you want to provide a great experience to your customers. Below are five trends that are worth paying attention to.

1. Geometric Shapes

It was hard to use unique shapes in web design in the past. You were required to use static images to display the design you were looking for.

Things have changed with SVG graphics. These graphics have smaller file sizes and can scale to any size device. It’s easy to create unique shapes that help your designs stand out.

2. Mobile-First Design

More people than ever use their smartphones to access the internet. You’ll alienate half of your visitors if you don’t provide a design that looks great on mobile devices.

Mobile-first designs are the best way to accomplish that task. You create the mobile version of your website first and then add on the elements of the desktop version. It’s easier to add to your design than subtract to it, so your design will get done more quickly.

You must learn more about web design if you want to know everything about making mobile designs look right.

3. Simplicity

It’s harder than ever to get the attention of people on the internet these days. This means you need to do everything you can to make sure that your visitors get what they want when they land on your site.

You can do this by simplifying your website. Remove everything extra and only provide the information the user expects to receive.

4. Dark Mode

Viewing conditions on sites aren’t limited to indoor areas anymore. You can expect your visitors to be visiting in all sorts of lighting conditions.

If you have a bright color palette, it can make your site hard to read in certain lighting conditions. Providing a dark mode will help in these conditions and provide a more comfortable reading experience.

5. Video

If you’ve seen one hero section, you’ve seen them all. It’s hard to stand out with the standard website headers.

Hero sections that include video are becoming commonplace. They provide a more engaging experience to your visitors and help you communicate everything your brand is about.

Don’t Ignore Modern Web Design Trends in Your Designs

You can’t create a haphazard website design and expect your customers to keep visiting. Use the web design trends above to create a web experience worth paying attention to. The more attention you give to your website, the more you can create an experience that’s hard to forget.

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