A few years ago, there was barely any aviation software in the market. That is why the industry was dominated by a couple of companies. The reason for that might be that there weren’t many aircraft back then than there are now.

There are many planes flying around in the skies and sitting in private strip lanes nowadays. That is why there is an enormous demand for software that can help keep expensive aircraft in good condition.

If you are not willing to purchase the best solutions, then remember that their value can decrease very quickly. Keeping it well maintained using the best software can help you keep it more valuable for a more extended period.

Since there are countless options in the market nowadays, here is what you need to look for when buying an aviation maintenance software.

Maintenance Tracking

The most crucial feature that you need to look for is maintenance tracking. That is why it is the first thing that you need to look for in a product.

If you look from a mechanic’s point of view, who is the expert that will be taking care of your aircraft, tracking is definitely vital. The reason is that it can help them look into the history and forecast preventative maintenance.

You want to get a product that offers tracking, but not just the basics. If it has something that the other products on the market don’t, then it is definitely worth taking an in-depth look into. But you can move on if it’s just average.

Wireless Applications

Since technology has seen remarkable growth in recent years, the latest software like Aviation InterTec has plenty of modernized features that make it much better. Most commonly, the ability to use it wirelessly.

There is a wide range of possibilities available in the market nowadays, from significant to small units. But if you are starting to look into wireless applications, make sure the products meet your requirements. You also need to account for the environment your team will be using the product in.

The environment means, will the software be used in the hangar or flight line in severe environmental conditions?

Electronic Signatures

There are a few products that can offer the ability to electronically sign forms and other work items. It can be handy for maintenance operations.

But before you look for software with this feature, it might be beneficial to contact the Flight Standards District Offices, or FSDO. They probably have many requirements that your product needs to meet to avoid any type of fraudulent activity. Most likely, it might be password protection and the ability to trace the entries.

Find the Best Fit for Your Business

You need to find a product that can match all the requirements of your maintenance team.

When you start looking into products, the salespeople representing those companies might keep going on and on about all the fantastic features the software has to offer. But what good is it if none of those tremendous capabilities match your needs?

Before looking into the products, take a close look at your needs. If you aren’t an expert yourself, then sit down with your maintenance team and find out what they need in aviation maintenance software.

Look into the Complexity

This software can be quite complicated, which is why many of the companies offer training for their consumers. That is why you should look into the complexity of the product. If it is quite challenging to use, then the company should provide training sessions. If it doesn’t, then your team might not be able to properly use it.

The faster your employees get the training for using the software, the sooner they can begin to apply it in their jobs. But keep in mind that there might be a steep learning curve when implementing a new program.

See if the Company Offers Support

Customer service is the most crucial department in any business. While the standard businesses provide chat, email, or call support, software companies of this kind have to give much more extensive customer service.

You should not overestimate your team’s ability to implement the new product, which is why on-site support from the software company’s staff might be needed.

If you look at some of the incredibly complex software options in the market these days, you will see the need for support.