VoIP has changed the telecommunication business. At one time standard telephone carriers ruled the roost. VoIP not only made international calls cheaper but also introduced a host of other features like conferencing, chats, voice, fax and SMS. Businesses are switching over to IP PBX from PSTN PBX and the PBX software is at the core of their operations.

VoIP service providers too find that offering hosted multi-tenant shared IP PBX software gets them an increasing number of clients. Even IT service providers in addition to VoIP service providers can expand their business by using PBX software that has a reseller module. VoIP services can use the reseller module to create a chain of resellers who, in turn, serve their clients and are assured of steadily growing revenues besides contributing to the revenue growth of VoIP service providers. As such, VoIP services that opt for the right PBX solution with an inbuilt module that allows creation of resellers is to their advantage. Such modules may have a number of features for easy management.



The right IP PBX solution that will help VoIP service providers and their resellers ensure business growth as well as loyal customers would have features as described below.


A service provider opts for only one hosted package with multi-tenancy features. It allows segregation of clients into various accounts and handling their accounting as well as technical services in separate channels. Each account can have separate sub-accounts linked to the reseller module. In businesses this feature is used to deploy a single solution that serves various branches and VoIP services can transplant the idea to different resellers.


When this feature is present in the software the service provider can serve resellers in any country and thus become global.

Least cost routing:

LCR is indispensable for international operations since this feature automatically routes calls through lowest cost telecom carriers across borders and users benefit by low call rates.

Reseller module:

White labeling is part of software for VoIP services that intend to deploy resellers. The solution will of course have the brand and logo of the service provider but it may also have facility to let resellers customize branding. In addition, reseller modules allow resellers to set their own rates for their clients, add or remove services selectively and maintain separate accounts as well as billing and payments in the currency of choice.

Advanced billing:

A reseller module in an IP PBX hosted solution is not of much use unless it has advanced billing features that lets the VoIP service provider segregate prepaid and post paid customers as well as allow for automatic invoicing. The reseller should be able to do the same for his client group. Payments from within the software are an added bonus.

Auto provisioning:

Serving just one or a few clients in just one geographic location is one thing. However, spreading the net also means that one has to deal with clients and end users who may use a variety of IP phones for making and receiving calls. In this case, auto provisioning feature automatically configures and includes all brands of IP phones with custom configurable keys.

Modern feature:

WebRTC is growing in popularity and should a reseller be able to offer web phone in the IP PBX solution he is likely to attract more clients. This feature allows voice and video chats and conferencing through a browser interface on any device—desktop or mobile. Talking of mobiles, inclusion of apps that enable video, chat, email, voicemail, fax and audio on mobile devices is absolutely indispensable.

How VoIP Service Providers benefit


Opting for a hosted IP PBX with reseller module lets VoIP service provides rope in resellers who will handle retail and smaller size customers while they can handle bigger customers. Their revenues increase. They can configure permissions and call rates for different resellers and manage them all easily with analytics and reporting.

Becoming a reseller


Just anyone in IT or telecom business can become an IP PBX services reseller. All that he needs to do is to either opt for a hosted solution or tie up with a VoIP service provider who has a suitable solution with a reseller module built in. IP PBX saves money for businesses but they also need to know that there will be continuity. Resellers associated with larger VoIP service providers can assure continuity as well as best rates and features. They do not even need to invest upfront in the software or maintain dedicated hardware. All they need to do is to rope in businesses to sign up for IP PBX services and be ready to give services should there be any issues.

It is easier for resellers to rope in customers and get them to switch to IP PBX when the end users do not have to invest in specialized hardware. All that such users need is an IP enabled phone or they can even use their mobiles and desktops with suitable microphone and speaker or headset.

At the core of success for resellers and VoIP services that serve resellers is the right IP PBX solution with the right set of features.