Most of us either search using certain keywords or simply look for images that might be close to what we are looking for. But, what if you have to find an image related to one of the images you already have? In such a scenario, words don’t really help, hence we have a reverse image search option for the browsers we use in our phones and laptops. 

Reverse image search is the simplest way to use an image to find the image’s source or to find related images for it. You can do this with literally any image you might have, using its URL or the image itself. You can try tools like “” to perform a reverse image search. 


How you search for images is different from how you do it on your phone and your desktop because certain features change majorly. You can follow these steps to go through the process and find the images you might be looking for.

Method 1

  • Open your google chrome and search for anything you are looking for. 
  • Now, if you have a certain image that you want related images for, tap-hold the image.
  • Soon, a pop up will appear with the option, search google for an image.
  • Click on this option and a new tab will open with related images.

Method 2

  • If the option doesn’t work directly, using the same pop up open that image in a new tab.
  • Now, only the image will appear in the new tab.
  • Hold press the image on the screen and the same pop up will appear.
  • Now, use the same, search google for image option and the images will open up. 

Method 3

  • The third way to do an image search on the phone is to use the desktop version of google chrome.
  • When you open google chrome, you can request the desktop version of it.
  • Once the desktop version is loaded, the image icon will appear next to the search bar.
  • Use this image icon to upload the image you want to.
  • Soon, Google will show images related to the image you have uploaded. 


Reverse image search is fairly simple when you are using your desktop for it. You have many ways to do it but the process is much quicker than it is on mobile phones usually.

Method 1

  • Open google chrome on your personal computer.
  • Now, drag and drop the saved image into google chrome.
  • It will open up separately in a new tab.
  • Right-click on the image and a pop up will open up.
  • Select search google for an image from this popup.
  • Now, Google will show you different images related to it.

Method 2 

  • Open your google chrome.
  • Now, the search bar will appear regular.
  • On the right top corner will be the images option, click on it. 
  • Now a different image search will open.
  • Next to the search bar will be an image icon. 
  • Paste the URL of the mage in this and you will be able to search for more.