The monitoring applications have been playing a significant role in keeping children and employers under surveillance. The tracking apps have made it convenient for you to supervise the mobile phone use of your family and workers. You can spy on iOS-based mobile phones, Android devices and other mobile phones running different operating systems. To track an iPhone, you need to jailbreak the iOS to get it installed with the monitoring software. However, there is a spy app that lets you monitor non-jailbreak iOS devices. Read on to know how this spy software works to let you spy on the iPhone of your kids and staff.

ios jailbreaking

Jailbreaking is the process to bypass the software restrictions of Apple. The manufacturer does not allow the user to install third-party applications or applications from unknown sources. You need to jailbreak the iOS device to install an app from sources other than Apple store. However, there are risks attached with is jailbreaking. The company does not take any responsibility for the loss occurred during the jailbreak process. It does not only void the iPhone warranty but also makes it more vulnerable to viruses and malware.

Non-Jailbreak Monitoring Solution

TheOneSpy offers on-jailbreak monitoring solution to parents and employers to track the iOS devices of their kids and staff without jailbreak. The cell phone tracking app comes preloaded with plenty of features to keep the end-user updated about the online and offline activities of the object. You can keep an eye on the targeted cell phone use without getting accessing it or getting it installed with the tracking software.

The end-user of iPhone monitoring solution only needs to provide the iCloud credentials of the targeted cell phone. Once you put those credentials on the online control panel of the spyware, it starts tracking the targeted smartphone.

Features of on-Jailbreak Monitoring Solution

The non-jailbreak iPhone tracking software offers all traditional spying features allowing the end-user to track online and offline conversations, internet use, phone calls, contacts and more. We have rounded up here the main features of the surveillance app for iPhone.

Track Text Messages

There is no surprise that millions of text messages have been exchanged every single day. Do you know what sort of information your kids pass via these text messages? You can read almost the whole textual conversation of your offspring without getting their phones into hands.

The iPhone tracking software lets you read all the messages received and sent by your loved ones. The mobile spy app gets access to the default messaging app and creates an online backup of the messages transmitted and received on the monitored cell phone. The end-user can log into the online account of the spyware app to read those messages. It enables them to read even those messages which have been deleted from the monitored phone accidentally or intentionally.

Monitor WhatsApp Chats

WhatsApp Messenger is currently one of the most popular instant messaging apps worldwide. It allows exchanging messages and making audio and video calls by using the internet connection of the user.The iPhone tracking app enables parents and employers to read WhatsApp messages of their targeted individuals and groups to remain aware of their online activities.

Monitor Kik Chats

Kik can be considered as the most un-secure instant messaging app to be used by underage children. Parents can monitor Kik chat of their offspring to make sure they are not being victimized by scoundrels or predators. The iPhone surveillance app records all incoming and outgoing Kik messages to enable parents to stay updated about the online conversations of their loved ones.

Track Call Logs

The non-jailbreak iPhone monitoring solution lets you track the phone calls of your object. You can find out when the target made or received a call and who is the recipient or caller. The spyware access the call logs of the targeted iPhone and shows the detail of each incoming and outgoing call including call duration, call time, caller name and phone number.

Supervise Internet Use

TheOneSpy iPhone tracking software for non-jailbreak devices enables parents and employers to supervise the internet use of their concerning individuals and groups. It lets you know whether your workers are busy doing personal online shopping using the internet facility provided by the company or they are engaged in any other unproductive task.

Meanwhile, parents can supervise the internet use of their children to prevent them from getting involved in objectionable or scam activities. The app shows you the internet browsing history of the monitored cell phone which contains URLs of websites visited and data searched on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari Browsers. It also shows bookmarks to lets you know which websites are of main interest for the object.


The non-jailbreak monitoring solution of TheOneSpy is definitely a big support for parents and employers in keeping the iPhones of their children and workers under surveillance without taking the risk of jailbreak.