While we live in the golden age of television, there’s always the challenge of boosting our TV antenna signal. Maybe the picture still isn’t clear, or maybe you aren’t getting all the channels you want. What do you do? You address the problem, of course. But how?

We hear from you.

The difficulty mainly arises due to the fact that many factors influence the signal. It is not just about the type of TV antenna you have or the place it is. It is a mix of both along with multiple other aspects that we shall discuss here so that you learn how to boost the TV antenna signal and get the best possible reception. Let’s start.

Buy a suitable antenna

The process, of course, begins at the store (or online), but if you already bought an antenna, you can skip to the next part. 

There are two types of antennae – indoor and outdoor. While outdoor were always popular and reliable, indoor antennae are slowly taking over. They are reliable as well and don’t need you to place them 30 feet into the air to get reception. This is why many people today prefer them. 

Indoor antennae are again of two types: amplified and non-amplified. Amplified antennae are ideal for those who live far away from a tower. If you live close by, a non-amplified one will be enough for you. Needless to say, amplified antennae are more expensive. So, choose one only if you need one.
Due to their popularity, our focus is mainly on indoor TV antenna in our article.

Find the most suitable location

This may take some time, but if you are lucky, you will find the right spot easily. Spend a few hours placing the antenna in different locations to see which one boosts the signal the best. Windows and outward walls are usually preferable, but this can vary as well. 

We advise that you use an erasable marker or tape to mark positions that you tried. Note down how good or bad the signal was in each location. It will help you zero in on the best quickly.

Check which side it faces

After locating the right spot, you should go ahead and adjust its position. For example, if the antenna is at the window, it needs to face the closest transmitter towers. This enables it to pick up the signal more easily. This may seem like a small thing, but it actually makes a lot of difference.

Use an RG6 cable

If your window is too far away from the TV, you will need a cable. Longer the cable, weaker the signal. But, using an RG6 cable will minimize this problem and help you reach the right position. The alternative to this would be to change the position of your antenna, and that will only make things worse.

Move it up

This tip is for those who have 2 or 3-storey homes. You may get a better signal in the same position on the top floor. It is definitely worth trying!

Lay the antenna flat

This might sound a tad ridiculous, but it really works. A taped antenna may not give you the reception you want, but the same antenna placed horizontally in the vicinity will impress you. Placing it on the floor may not be feasible, so why not tape it to the ceiling? Try it!

Check interference

If you are doing everything right and yet aren’t enjoying fast reception, interference may be the culprit. We advise you to check how many electronic devices are placed around your TV. Unplug them and see if the signal gets better. If it does, start isolating devices and see which one impacts the signal the most. Consider changing its position.

Give it a metal boost

This tip works specifically for metal antennae. Attaching a short piece of metal wire or any metallic object to it may help.

Keep checking the signal regularly

Sadly, the process of boosting the TV antenna signal is not a one-time thing. We recommend that you do it once in a few months, at least. This is because TV stations change channels, locations, etc. and this impacts the signals. So, what was the perfect position yesterday may not be so hot 4 months later.

Check the tuner

Sometimes, the tuner is at fault. Old TVs especially have below-average tuners that don’t pick the signal up even if the antenna is great. Replace the tuner and see whether that helps. There are many good TV tuners for you to choose from. Some even come with recording capability.

Take it outdoors

This should be your last resort because you have an indoor antenna. But, shifting it outdoors may just unlock its true potential. You can test this once and see if the reception is better. If yes, you may want to shift to an outdoor antenna because soon. Or, if you are comfortable placing it outside the window, you may be able to use it for a little longer.

Things to remember 

  • Find the causes of signal disruption indoors and outdoors. Disruption is the primary reason behind weak signals (if you have a good TV antenna).
  • Experiment regularly. That’s the key to boosting the signal. We are really sorry, there are no two ways about this.
  • Don’t buy multiple antennae thinking that will help. One good antenna placed strategically should be enough. Buying too many is not going to solve the issue. If none of the aforementioned tips help, moving to an outdoor antenna should be your goal.
  • If you have a non-amplified antenna and find out that the towers are far away from home, you can simply buy an amplifier. You don’t need to buy a new antenna. 

There you go! We hope this article helps you get excellent reception and more channels than ever before! If you have any doubts or need more help, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is always looking forward to helping you.