PDF files are one of the most common document file types you will encounter and creating your own is very simple,  depending on the system or program you have it is as easy as right clicking, choosing to create a new file and clicking pdf but this is the beginning and not the end of creating a PDF file for your own purpose and use. If you already have a file that you wish to become a PDF, you might need an extension but the process is as simple as right clicking and opening as a PDF. PDF’s are optimal ways to express information and data since they are easily shared and printed.

Why Should You Make Your Own Template?

When you create your own PDF template, it allows you to make everything to your own specifications without having needless empty space or unused boxes that might come in a premade template. Although there are many good pre-made online PDF templates, your unique situation and needs might not apply to any of the premade templates available for download or as a fillable PDF so it becomes advantageous to make your own PDF template that will be best suited to your own purpose. Creating a PDF template has never been easier with the wide range of options available online including the ability to scan and edit documents using a PDF editor.

If you do not feel comfortable making your own PDF or do not have time, there are many options available to you online such as fillable forms from LuminPDF which have a wide variety of options ranging from business proposals to graduation invitations. Even though it is easy and efficient to download one of these fillable PDF files, it is sometimes useful to make it yourself since you can customize it according to the needs of your business/ school or institution; moreover, if you want to build your own template, there are enough tools and support online to assist you in  doing this.

How to Make Your First PDF Template

While it may be intimidating to make your first PDF file template if you have not done so before, there is no need to worry for a variety of reasons. Firstly as mentioned there are numerous online sources from which to learn from and help you build a good base of knowledge to work from on your template so you can create not only what you need for your business or organization but also to help you express your creativity so you can put your own personal stamp on the PDF template that you want to create, being able to add customizations and unique touches is one of the main draws of making fillable templates.

Once you have decided to make a PDF template, the next step is finding a program to assist you with that. There are many free and paid alternatives for this of course.  One option in this and maybe one of the simpler ones is to make a document in word and convert it to a PDF which will require some extension or program for you to do this. While making your template, you can adjust everything from what information is requested, to tables displaying information and even your own personal stamp (literally) that shows who made the PDF and this is useful to help your files look professional which looks good for you and your business, school or organization.

Start Creating…

Once you start creating your PDF forms, you must consider the layout and what it will mean for your specific needs. Some things to consider during this process are who will see it? Who will fill it in? Is it just for you? Or is it for clients? Or maybe investors or potential investors. There are many options regarding the layout of PDF templates, so they will not all be listed here but something to think about is what is the easiest way the information can be conveyed. Make sure the layout isn’t confusing or overly wordy. Also it would be useful to make the title and purpose of the PDF template clear at the top of the file.

After deciding the layout for your PDF template, the next step is carefully crafting the fillable area for people to put their information in personal or professional. For an example if you are creating a business finance template to calculate your income and expenses it is vital to have the correct fillable sections for your finance team to be able to know where to put the information so it can be easily read and understood later. 

When you are  finished creating the layout and fillable fields for your PDF template, it is time to customize the appearance. You can do this by adding your company’s logo and other identifying marks and graphics. This also includes any borders and specific formats that your business or organization uses  such as specific types of indentations, boundaries, fonts and font sizes for different documents. These specifications make the template unique and easy to identify which can be useful when members of your organization deal with many different types of documents. It is both a fun and useful experience to be able to craft your own unique fillable PDF template that can be used by you or others.

Download and Print

Once you have created your PDF and made it to your specifications, then the next and last step is to download the document if you haven’t already and then print it for use in your office, school or place of work. You now have a custom made PDF that will be useful not just now but going forward, not to mention the enriching experience of crafting a fillable form yourself.

Some people when they think of making some document outside of word or on a PDF they become nervous because it seems more technical but it really isn’t. The key is finding the right tools to work with to create what you need. If you take the time to either make a PDF or find a premade one you want to customize, then you can elevate the quality of documentation at your work or school.