Outfitting a laptop with multiple interfaces is no more in fashion even though it supports various connectivity options. Nevertheless, why choose multiple interfaces when you can one have one single interface to do all your jobs including efficient charging and remitting fast data transmission? Perhaps this is the motto behind the designing of the latest MacBook series that has been unveiled by Apple.

The new MacBook Pro from Apple features the USB Type-C, which has upgraded the laptop standards, much to the surprise of many tech experts and gadget pundits. It has bid farewell to all the connectivity ports and has gone much sleeker in shape with USB Type-C port. In case you are wondering how would you connect your various devices and peripherals, there are many adapters available in the market both online and offline that will provide you with the best USB-C hub for MacBook Pro.

Here are some of the reasons that make this USB type-C port formidable for the MacBook Pro:

Ensuring Fast Data Transmission


The Type-C USB port has acquired a lot of positive praise, much credit to the baffling speed that it remits in terms of power charging and data transfer. This superior USB connectivity standard is based on the concept of the USB 3.1, comprising of both the Gen1 and Gen2 versions. The Type-C USB standard is known for facilitating fast and quick data transfer that ranges within an impeccable 5Gbps to 10Gbps.

Enhances the User Experience


Accoutered to be backward compatible, the USB Type-C cables and connectors are decked to prevent all sorts of orientation issues while connecting it to the Type-C enabled port in the MacBook Pro. The USB Type-C port has been furnished to remove the confusion and fumbling of users when plugging in cables and connectors to the port. This meticulous construction has allowed users to save their time and find it much more suitable and easier to connect various devices at once through an external adapter or hub.

Backward Compatibility


Parading the guidelines of the USB 3.1 version, the USB type-C port has been smartly designed to be backward compatible. This astutely graced attribute confers optimum user convenience by granting them with cross-platform connection benefits. Hence, even though you might feel a bit worried that how a single port in the MacBook can meet your connectivity needs, you can always opt for external sources that are adorned to support the Type-C interface.

One External Source, Multiple Connections

You will undoubtedly require an adapter or hub that is scrupulously designed to comply with the Type-C interface if you are looking to utilize the port for other purposes besides charging. There is a broad spectrum of hubs available in the market that is outfitted with multiple ports to support and connect various devices and peripherals.



Finally, the USB Type-C standard in the new MacBook Pro renders a hassle-free support to Ethernet, DisplayPort, VGA and HDMI interface protocols. Equip yourself with the hub or adapter to ensure a lag-free performance.


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