With the increasing popularity of make-shift homes and wandering communities, people are turning towards portable energy solutions. Since it is not possible to plug and play at every location that van-life people park, they need a solution that can meet their energy requirements on the go.

Now, typically there are three main sources of powering the homes on wheels- solar power, grid supply, and a portable generator. However, portable generators have a lot of benefits over the other power sources. Let us explore some of the reasons why every tiny-home owner should keep a portable generator handy.

Easy Availability of the Fuel

One of the main advantages of using a portable generator for van-life enthusiasts is the easy availability of the fuel. Since the vehicle itself operates on petroleum, it is very easy to source the fuel for operating a generator. However, people are tempted to view site which offers diesel generators, as the specific fuel is widely available. Whereas, there are instances when finding a regular grid source or even petrol or natural gas supply for running a generator can be cumbersome. Consequently, this also means that the choice of fuel can also affect the benefits offered by these portable generators.

Can be used in Emergency

There are possible instances where the homeowners may not see the sunlight for days. In such a situation, there’s no way they can charge their onboard batteries with solar panels and use them. However, having a portable generator, on the other hand, can supply their tiny homes even in the absence of solar energy. Similarly, if parked in a national park, it’s very likely that they may not find a regular grid supply amidst the jungle. A portable generator thus can come to rescue during such emergencies.

Fits in the Vehicle Easily

A significant benefit of having a portable generator is its size. Normally, these generators are small enough to fit into the trunk of any hatchback or sedan, let aside a camper van. So, keeping them and taking them around on the move is not at all a fuss. Moreover, space is a huge concern for campers, especially when they plan their complete home within an 8×20 box. So, undoubtedly, a portable generator makes a perfect backup on the move, without taking up a lot of space, and can be operated in the open when needed.

Great for Outdoor Parties

As already mentioned, they can be used in the open and are also great for carrying around on the go, this particular feature makes them perfect for powering a small outdoor get together. Since outdoor parties and hangouts have cultural significance for the van-life community, a portable generator can be great for lighting up the place. Moreover, the latest pieces are almost noiseless, if maintained properly. Thus, playing music, powering chord lights, and also a screen for watching a movie in the open, can all be easily supported with the help of a portable generator.

Utility needs cannot be ignored, be it for operating cooking equipment or simply operating an exhaust fan. And the camper community, although they prefer to live by the minimum, also need a basic power supply. A portable generator can, therefore, be the perfect backup solution for such homes.