The operating system for Apple has gone through a massive transformation over the last decade, and it really proves how far technology has come in general.  This post should help break down how far it has come and will answer the question “When is iOS 14 coming out?

When is iOS 14 Coming Out?

Even though it is releasing in less than a month, we do not currently have a set date on when it is hitting the market.  According to multiple sources online, they are expecting iOS 14 to be released in mid-September.  The actual dates that have been swirling around the internet are September 14th to the 18th in most estimates.

When was iOS 14 Released?

The operating system was announced in June at the Worldwide Developers Conference.  It will be the follow up of the very well put together iOS 13 technology system.

The Home Screen and Library is Changing

One of the major changes is that your recently used apps are going to be grouped together in your home screen, and basically make it easier for you to get to them.

Apple has not really messed with the home page much in its existence, but the App Library in the home screen is an addition that might be much needed to make it easier for everyone.

New Widgets and How They Are Displayed

It seems like most of us are going to use the same widgets around the same time throughout the day.  Apple knows this and that is why with iOS 14 they are going to be able to show your commonly used widgets much easier.

In the Today tab and home page, you can customize to see a certain widget for the first time, and it is going to improve the user experience immensely throughout the experience.

Siri Overhaul

Do you remember the old days when Siri basically took up your whole phone and interrupted everything that you were doing?

Now, you can continue to surf your phone on the internet or social media, because Siri is going to be just a blob at the bottom portion of your screen.  This might be the most noticeable thing to point out, but there are certainly other improvements that are coming to Siri and how well it will function with your phone.

App Clip

One of the most interesting things about iOS 14 has to be the App Clip update.  We all have used full-sized apps for doing small tasks such as redeeming points, but now that is looking to be solved.  Instead of downloading or needing a launch a big app, we can just use an App Clip.

The feature is going to be a very small file size and be used in the most practical way so that it will not take up as much storage in your iPhone, and you will not have to launch the app to do simple tasks.


Another feature that is arguably the most important is dealing with the messages tab.  You are now able to pin your most important messages as if you are dealing with email.

This helps a lot for people that want to keep a certain conversation handy and get a lot of unimportant texts throughout the day such as a two-factor authentication text to deal with.

Another messaging feature that is coming with an overhaul is the group messaging features.  Things such as replying to a message that was a while ago and mentioning people in a group are going to be more and more important to how group messaging functions.


The last major changes that I will point out for you is going to come into play with Maps.  The Maps application is getting an overhaul with new features that will greatly benefit travelers and tourists.  There are going to be guided in cities that will point out landmarks and other areas of importance for your location.

Maps are something that it looks like Apple is putting a lot of time into and with the overhaul that they are doing it might be the most important aspect of iOS 14 and the whole update.  Other little features in Maps are going to play a huge role for you if you are a cycler or use Maps when working out.

Other New Features

That is going to be it for the main things that stuck out to me for the iOS 14 operating system, but there are so many more things that I could highlight.  The camera, for instance, is going to receive a lot of attention.

You will be able to control the frame rate and resolution much more easily, and without going into the Settings app and getting tedious while looking around for them.  The camera changes alone are groundbreaking and usually come from getting a new phone, but this time they have you covered with the iOS 14 update.

Another pretty cool feature that is being added is with Facetime group calls.  If someone is using sign language, then your FaceTime will recognize that and make them more prominent in the frame of the call.  Also, the quality of FaceTime overall is going to improve overall.

The iOS 14 update is going to improve and make an impact in so many areas that it is almost impossible to remember everything that is going to be included!  I listed a lot in this post, but I did not even get into the real details about the specs and privacy improvements that are going to be made.

Apple customers are going to probably be blown away with how many improvements and features are going to be rolled out with this update.  There are so many that you might even forget about some key aspects of the update.

Mark the dates mentioned above and be on the lookout for when it gets released.  I know that all of us tech-savvy people can’t wait to get our hands on iOS 14!